Jigsaw Puzzle Review – Snowdrop Cottage


I have been given a 1000 piece Jigsaw puzzle to do and to review,

as you know I love doing puzzles.

It arrived on Friday.

I was already excited.

It is called Snowdrop Cottage and it is an original premium Ravensburger Puzzle,

Great German Quality.


It is wonderful to unpack a great quality puzzle

knowing how much I will enjoy doing it.

The joy begins on opening the box… the anticipation….

and I find the pieces, a leaflet, the 2018 catalog and a picture of the puzzle.

The picture – Snowdrop Cottage, perfect for the Winter season is  done by artist Howard Robinson.

It is the 11th in a series of English Cottages.

I love the picture.

When I study it more I find the warm cottage, lots of beautiful plants, many birds, different flowers, the well –

all in all a beautiful picture.

I already make my plan in my head how to tackle the puzzle.

Step 1 find all edge pieces

Step 2 sort colours  for house and roof

Step 3 go for it and enjoy.

Check out my progress:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Puzzle was a delight to do. The most satisfying moment is when you put the last piece in. You feel you have achieved something and had fun doing it.

I started on Friday evening, continued on Saturday and finished it off on Sunday afternoon.  This 1000 piece puzzle would be a great starter puzzle for someone who has only done 500 pieces, but wants to go bigger.  The motive which is the very ‘busy’ and colorful picture of Snowdrop Cottage makes it easy to sort and follow where the pieces go. The soft click technology of the well known Ravensburger Company makes it so satisfying to put piece after piece in and you feel straight away if it fits or not. The different shapes also help solving the puzzle.

The making of the puzzle was fun and relaxing for me.

Puzzles are relaxing and almost like a meditation,

when you can study the picture and enjoy every bit in detail,

no rushing involved,

but take your time and do it calmly.

You can do it together with someone else and have a good and peaceful time.

If you enjoy doing puzzles I certainly recommend this puzzle from Ravensburger


it makes a great present too.

There are plenty more puzzles to choose from if you want a bigger challenge or just more fun.


done – hurray


Looking through the catalog I found my next one already – ‘The afternoon visitor’

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  1. Fun. I too love putting together puzzles. I did a bunch of Kincaid (sp?) puzzles and mounted them in frames that Kincaide had used to to frame his work. The frames had been donated to a charity. I gave the mounted and framed puzzles to my parents. They love them. I’ve found that writing books has many similarities to putting together puzzles.

    • It is great fun, and really great for ” me – time.” You could start with a 500 piece puzzle and choose a design like this, with lots of different colours. Then you start sorting , then do the frame then one colour at a time, so it does not feel so long. If you enjoy it you will not think of patience but just go on. Put some of your favourite music on while doing it and it is your special relaxing time. give it a try! Thank you for reading and commenting.

  2. Ein schönes Puzzle. Früher habe ich sehr viel gepuzzlet und genau so sortiert wie du 🙂 Die fertigen Bilder habe ich auf Platten aufgeklebt und in einem besonderen Raum im Keller aufgehängt. Wurde natürlich beim Umzug leider alles entsorgt.

  3. it’s a long time since I last unpacked a new jigsaw, but I can remember vividly the wonderful smell that engulfs you as the box opens for the first time – fabulous! 🙂

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