Count your blessings


Sometimes I sit back and realise how blessed I am.

I have amazing people in my life,

I am loved,

my friends care about me.

I can’t complain, but count my blessings and

I feel rich –  I am rich.

I bought  myself some flowers yesterday morning and want to share them with you all,


They are for you!

Thank you for being you ,

for caring,

for being here in my life!

I do need to tell you this from time to time

as it is important for me to let you know that

I appreciate you and love you!


Beauty along the road

As I was too early to meet my friends in the next village,

 so I went to a very old church yard, and found these little snowbells.


Can you see the violet coming too?


Sending you all a big group hug and much love!

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  1. Danke, dass du die schönen Blumen mit uns teilst, liebe Ute. Ja, zwischendurch muss man mal die Augen und das Herz öffnen und sehen, wie gut es uns geht. Es gibt so viele kleine Dinge die uns Freude bereiten können, wir müssen sie nur sehen.

  2. You know, that is how I feel loved and blessed. My first thoughts when the first snowdrop opens in my garden, is Always “my glory and the lifter if my head,” such a long climb up through the dark wintry soil, but it got there, and so do I with a little help from my friends.😏🐝💐

  3. Thanks for the hug, Ute. Glad you are still smiling your way through life 🙂
    We have snowdrops in our front garden and hellebores in the back, so Spring is definitely Springing, even if it’s cold.

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