I am very happy to meet you, a warm welcome and thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is Ute and this blog is about my passion in life. Positive living, beauty, music and dancing. I hope you enjoy reading and that it gives my readers ideas and inspiration in their lives. I am a happy person and like to make others happy too!


I am a single mum in her 50’s to two  sons and very proud to have managed well. I feel I am finally growing up and enjoy life to the full more than ever before. I have learnt a lot in the last 10 years and have enriched my life with happiness, great friends, positiveness and now it is my turn to enrich other peoples’ life’s. I live in London UK and have done so more than half of my life. I love London and enjoy the multicultural community and great variety it offers. ( Mind you one day I’d like to live near a beach!)

I love dancing, Tap dance and Ballroom, and still practice Tap, and I can proudly announce that I have mastered my Gold Bar three exam with honours.

My favourite Music is Trailer Music as I have grown to love it since 2011. There is something for all moods, epic, awesome, relaxing, soft, gentle and just great orchestration, the closest to classical music.

I am into eating healthy, meditation, living mindful and improving my life ( life work balance).  I love new inspiration, happy people and quotes which make me think, smile, laugh and happy.

I started this blog in June 2012 and I like to make people smile,  happy but also give them a nudge and make them think. I am no writer, I have not studied but I love to share my beliefs and send out a smile.

Making others happy makes me happy, a wonderful warm feeling inside. Happiness multiplies!

Thank you for being here!

Have a fantastic day!



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