Our children


School is starting again, our children go back to be educated.

Do remember though:

If we are worried about the future,
then we must look today
at the upbringing of children.
~ Gordon B. Hinckley ~


Don’t handicap your children, by making their lives easy.
~ Robert A. Heinlein ~




It’s not our job to toughen our children up
to face a cruel and heartless world.
It’s our job to raise children
who will make the world
a little less cruel and heartless.
L.R. Knost


All children should be taught
to unconditionally accept, approve,
admire, appreciate, forgive, trust
and ultimately, love their own person.
~ Asa Don Brown ~


Wishing everyone a good start to the school year

and an amazingly interesting peaceful and joyful year!

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  1. Lovely quotations for the beginning of the school year. All the best. You will have lots of stories to tell everyone 🙂 Will Manny and Danny be allowed to join you at school?

  2. Hi Ute my friend. It must be difficult going back to school work after such a lovely holiday. I am sure you will get back into the routine soon. Ralph xox 😀

    • I am still in holiday node, but never mind, I still get things done. It seems easier that way. Manny was in school with me today and he did behave rather well, I put him wiht a strict teacher…

      • I have just read your reply to Gallivanta, so I will be looking forward in seeing what Manny’s Mum publishes about his day at your school. Should be fun 😀

  3. I hope this school year brings you much peace and many fond memories, Sweet Friend. You will be in my prayers throughout. Love to you!!

  4. So true – some people in this world can be very cruel and heartless and we can’t always protect our kids. Great post Ute. I am glad you had a lovely holiday and are well rested out. Have fun. 😀 *hugs*

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