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Picture of the Week #11


Something completely different for this week.

We found behind a gasfire a fireplace

which looks like the Tunnel of the London Underground

right there in our new front room.

Food for thought

Courage isn't 
having the strength to go on - 
it's the going on 
when you don't have the strength.

Napoleon Bonaparte 

Picture of the Week #10


Today a picture of my new garden.

Blooming already with beautiful Camellias.

This one is specially beautiful with the shape of its’ petals.

Food for thought

Say only what you mean.
Avoid using the word to speak against yourself
or to gossip.
Use the power of your word 
in the direction of truth and love.

Don Miguel Ruiz

Picture of the Week #9


As the weather is appauling and I did not venture out,

my picture of the week

is the pancake for “Pancake Day” as it is known in the UK

also Shrove Tuesday;

Fresh from the pan – it was delicious

Food for thought

All of us could take a lesson 
from the weather;
it pays no attention 
to criticism.

Picture of the Week #8


A just finished a jigsaw of the most beautiful Waterfall

in Iceland – Seljalandsfoss

This is one of few places in the world where

it’s possible to walk behind a waterfall;

and we did exactly that when we visited in 2015.

It was amazing and I remember it very well.

Food for thought

Take pride in 
how far you have come.
And have faith in 
how far you can go! 

Here is my post from 2015.

Picture of the Week #7


A follow up on the Passion Fruit Plant.

It opened just for one day.

I got this picture in the evening –

the next morning it was already closed again.

Food for thought

Time is a healer.
Every day brings 
the light of hope 
and the promise of renewal.

Mae Marie

This is how it unfolded.

Picture of the Week #2


Macro trial.

My little Passionfruit plant, a cut off from the bigger plant, is sprouting.

I’m very happy.

Further down on the branch.

Food for thought/life:

Smile and laugh often!
Each day 
find something happy, joyful 
and funny about life -
smile and laugh,
smile and laugh, and 
smile and laugh again.

Keith D. Harrell