This page will be updated regularly with my favourite music tracks. I love trailer music, some totally epic, some beautlifully emotional and relaxing. I hope you will enjoy them and find new inspiration through them.

Please find interesting music news here.

My absolute favourite group is Two Steps from Hell

Their Facebook page is  here

Two Steps from Hell – Album Battlecry – Star Sky

Immediate Music –  Trailerhead – Salvation for a proud nation

E.S. Posthumus – Ebla from the Album “Unearthed”

Audiomachine – Eterna

Jo Blankenburg Album Elysium – Garador’s Flight


Two Steps from Hell – Skyworld – Sun & Moon

Two steps from hell –  Album Sun – Always mine

Two steps from hell – Album  Battlecry – Never back down


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  1. Hi utesmile! Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. And you for including my blog on your list of 50. I really appreciate it. I like the positive, upbeat energy of your blog We need lots of positivity. Cheers …. Fred!

  2. Two Steps from Hell are beyond description. Over a half century of life and I finally find my genre. Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergerson are the best composers of our time. I was able to go to L.A. last summer and see the concert. I only hope they’ll do another. I’m glad to find another one so appreciative of their music.

  3. So, seeing as you have similar taste to myself, here’s a few people you might want to check out:
    Chris Bouchard (if you can find him now, composed Star Wars Revelations soundtrack)
    Jamin Winans (you have to check out his “Ink” soundtrack if you haven’t already)

    That should keep you busy for a while.

    • Oh yes of course I know Hans Zimmer, he has super music too. Not only Hannibal his other stuff is great too! Thanks so much for letting me know and appreciating this kind of music. Great to hear from you!

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