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Stay strong


Over the years I have enjoyed my loyal Primula in a pot in my garden.

Every year it is the first plant to bloom.

This picture is from 30th March 2016

That plant is going through all type of weather, recently snow, winds, heavy rain …

it is quite old and yet

it keeps blooming, giving me joy.


It has now ( 30th March 2018) even more flowers.

It stays strong through it all.

We need to be strong too, when we go through rough patches,

and keep on blooming.

We are stronger than we think and like the flower,

we can get through it !

Have a strong and blooming day! 

Peaceful walk


I enjoyed a peaceful walk to a clothes shop the other day. Next to the shop was a church I always liked and it had open day so I went in. It also has beautiful church yard with wild flowers, old gravestones and plaques – like a trail – explaining some of the features, like the mini beasts there, birds, and come special trees.

I did buy some nice summer trousers – no picture 🙂

but here are my pictures from the church yard.

I am sharing the beauty and calmness with you!

churchyard beauties (3) churchyard beauties (2)


churchyard beauties (4)

churchyard beauties (1)

churchyard beauties (5)


churchyard beauties (6)


When you stop and look around

this life is pretty amazing!