Spring has sprung – I love this season.


We are renovating our house and the days go by really fast.

As we are doing everthing ourselves, it takes time.

Yet it is fun and very rewarding.

Now with Spring our daily garden tour is a delight.

So many flowers ….

Isn’t that beautifully colourful.

Our Walnut – found in Germany is also growing beautifully.

The frogs have been busy too. 🙂

And when it was cold we were cosy in front of the wood burner.

is a lovely reminder
how beautiful 
change can be.

I love Spring –

the change makes me happy

What change did you see in your surroundings,

which make you ‘Spring -happy’ ?

Yet another project – recycling at home


I always loved the old Doll’s Pram from my Grandmother,

and I was allowed to have it,

as I already – many years ago as a teenager – restored it.

It was housing old dolls in the attic again.

I have now repurposed it.

The plants fit in nicely.

My mum playing with it in 1931.

It is so much fun to recycle/reuse old objects!

Things end,
but memories last forever.

Another project – recycling at home


This time I recycled an old beautiful suitcase,

found in the attic.

It made a coffee table with some added feet.

I will most likely add a glass top so it is sturdier for the cups.

The suitcase houses all my board games.

I am so glad I could recycle something else from the attic.

It is so much fun to recycle/reuse old objects!

Memories are timeless
treasures of the heart.

Kew Gardens 29th Smile – Orchid Festival


This years the inspiration comes from Cameroon.

Beautiful displays

make this festival wonderful.

Crafted animals from Cameroon say hello.

Many beautiful Orchids were on display.

Hanging, standing, stuck into the animals,

reflecting on the water.

A very colourful display

with such a variety of different orchids

with amazing sweet fragrances.

An orchid in a deep forest
sends out its fragrance
to appreciate it.

All pictures taken by me in Kew Gardens

The next project – recycling at home


This time I recycled an old wooden war chest ,

found in the attic.

It made a coffee table with casters as it has handles to move around.

I scrubbed it down a bit and varnished it.

I love the old used look of it.

I wanted to leave the writing on the top of the box.

It says “Richtmaschine” “9809”

It is so much fun to recycle/reuse old objects!

Life is a balance
Of holding on 
And letting go. 

Egypt Holiday memories final – Part 7


Mummification Museum

In Luxor we visited the interesting Mummification Museum.

The Jackal head of Anubis

Last glimpse of Luxor Temple.

At last I got to ride a camel.

A fantastic experience.

Adventures are the best way to learn.

The holiday was amazing and I will treasure all those memories.

We met lovely people, food was delicious and plenty

and all Egytians were always smiling and friendly.

We made fantastic beautiful memories.

It was a holiday of a lifetime.


Egypt Holiday memories Part 6


Old Cataract Hotel

This is the hotel where “Death on the Nile” -from Agatha Christie was filmed.

We went to have Afternoon Tea.

While waiting for the tea we roamed around and enjoyed the amazing hotel.

It had closed for 3 years to be refurbished to its current glory.

Winston Churchill stayed here among other famous guests.

The cruise went back from Aswan to Luxor.

We had a bit of time on deck, it was windy during the journey,

still wonderful to watch the banks of the Nile go by.

Towel Management

Every day we came back to the room, our towels had a different shape.

I loved it. ❤️❤️❤️

Collect moments,
not things!

Egypt Holiday memories Part 5


Next was Philae Temple.

This temple was being flooded, so they decided to relocate it closeby.

There were 47,000 pieces which had to be reconstructed.

Philae Temple

There is a little temple extra for Hathor.

Hathor is portrayed on these columns- from right to left her smile gets bigger.

Aswan Market

The Market was beautifully colourful with many spices and goods.

Of course you had to barter the Egyptian way to buy anything, it was fun.

Hibiskus was plentyful and the tea and juice tasted divine.

I googled my symptoms,
turns out 
I just need a vacation.
😉♥♥♥ 😊

Egypt Holiday memories Part 4


Further along the Nile we came to Esna where Edfu Temple is.

Edfu Temple

This temple was for Horus, the God with the Falcon head.

His wife was Hathor and his parents were Isis and Osiris. Horus wanted revenge as Seth had killed his father. Horus found Seth and killed him after fierce battle. This is all documented on Edfu temple.

Next was the massive Aswan Dam

A impressive Dam is built to control the flow of the Nile. When they open it, they have the flooding season.

The Lotus building at Aswan Dam. Behind is Lake Nasser.

You don't need magic to disappear,

All you need is a destination.

Egypt Holiday memories Part 3


By speed boat it went to the Valley of the Queens.

First we visited 3 Toombs.

Toombs of Rameses I, Rameses III and Merenptah

My favourite was the smallest of Rameses I as the colours were best preserved.

Next was Hatshepsut’s Temple

A very impressive temple.

Hatshepsut is portrayed with calf ears.

Hatshepsut dealt with Myrrh trees – shipped them out to other places.

This is an old remaining myrrh tree root at the foot of the temple.

On the way back we stopped by the 2 Collosi of Memnon

A vacation spot out of season 
always has a  
very special magic.

Max von Sydow