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Egypt Holiday memories Part 2


After driving 5 hours through some desert we arrived in Luxor.

The Temple Tour began with

Karnak Temple in Luxor

Luxor Temple in Luxor.

The temples are connected via the long Sphinx Avenue

In front were 2 Obelisks, one of them is now in London on the Embankment, called Cleopatra’s Needle

It was very interesting to hear about all the Egytian Gods.

Luxor Temple by night was rather magical.

Starting in Luxor we went onto the Nile cruise for 7 days.

It's better to see something once
than to hear about it  
a thousand times.

Egypt Holiday memories Part 1


Hello, I’m back in the cold from a beautiful 25 degrees Celsius Egypt, at the Red Sea.

We had a wonderful holiday in Hurghada and up the Nile.

We had a lovely hotel, great food and fun.

We were snorkeling in the Red Sea to watch amazing fish.

What an adventure it was.

Our guide with the ‘Dolphin’ = me

The weather was warm around 23 to 26 degrees Celsius.

The Red Sea was 22 degrees.

We loved every minute of it.

A vacation is 
having nothing to do 
and all day to do it in.

Robert Orben.

More Updates


“We’re unable to go out, so many of us go in.

Sleep, recharge, pray, meditate, journal.

Reflect on what’s important and what makes us truly happy.

To many, it’s a transition from survival to living.

During times of pain, we are invited to learn new ways of being—to do less and be more.

To reconnect with our true human nature.”

~Sara Fabian


Here is what I have been doing last week:

completed another puzzle:

Sorted out all my CD’s,

Created a Mini Green house out of CD cases, to recycle them

as I found a picture on Pinterest.

I can open the roof as seen on the bottom right picture.


Baked Chocolate Brownie as per Sally’s recipe.

They are super delicious.

Write in my Gratitude journal from Francois.

It brings me so much joy.

Here is the link for the new one, he just created.


Painted some walls to the Bathroom

and exercised/ danced, meditated, read books and much more

I leave you with an upbeat song I dance to,

Dance along with me and have a good and safe week ♥♥♥


Updates from last week


We all have time at the moment

as we need to stay at home.

We are not stuck at home,

we are safe at home.

There are so many ideas what we can do.

Here is an update of what I enjoyed and have done:

completed 2 puzzles


fixed my fence and painted it

baked bread

exercised/ danced, meditated, read books

and rested in the sunshine.

What have you been up to lately?


Corpus Christi – Fronleichnam


There is a religious catholic holiday in Germany called Fronleichnam

In English it is called Corpus Christi.

I was fortunate to witness it on Thursday, while I visited my mum.

Custom is that people make flower carpets where the procession walks along.

They are made out of leaves, flowers and petals of different colours.

I saw the fresh carpets in the morning, and they were so beautiful.



Please peruse through the slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We saw the procession coming from the church.


The priest read from the bible and then they

continued to the town center.


It was lovely to watch in beautiful sunshine.