Find the wonders of nature

Find the wonders of nature

In this dark and grey January

it is still possible to find

wonders of nature.

Encourage yourself to notice them.

Greet the sunshine and  birdsong in the morning,

look at the cloud formation,

see some blooms, cheering up the world.

Nature is a healer in many ways.

Always look with fresh eyes,

bringing wonders to your surroundings.

The wonders of Nature are endless.

Walt Disney


Garden picture Jan 18



My strawberry plants, lovely and green.


What wonders did you find today ?

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  1. Yesterday on the way to the bank we noticed a snail on the sidewalk nibbling something. For safety’s sake we placed him/her onto the wall nearby where there was some moss. On the way back, he/she was back on the sidewalk nibbling again. We guessed he/she knew what they were doing! Like goes on all winter long! — Kim & Steffi in Hamburg

  2. Your strawberry plants look marvellously healthy – that leaf shine! I was admiring a neighbour’s stoic olive tree this morning. And we even benefit when the trees have no leaves – so much easier to see the birds bobbing about. Have a wonderful, nature-filled day Ute! x

    • Thank you Liz, I seem to be lucky with strawberries. They all come so well every year. Probably they just like my garden. I saw a Jay the other day, that was so lovely!

      • How lovely! When we lived in Ealing, before moving to Edinburgh, there used to be dozens of Jays in our local park – always such a pleasure to see them. We are too far north for them now, but have other birds to admire – six bullfinches in the tree outside our window the other day, for example. Gorgeous! 🙂

  3. So very true, dear Ute!
    Those strawberries are lovely. 🙂
    Today I saw cloud that lokked like a beautiful dawn in the South when I loked through my window at the wintery sky at noon.
    Yesterday met hundrets of crows while walking through the Feldmark – it was like in The Birds, just the opposite because it was so peaceful.
    Much Love! ♥

  4. The view from my window is like a giant snow globe which is breath-taking (in a good way)! But going outside right now in this subzero weather takes my breath away (not in a good way). I think I’ll stay inside and watch nature through the window. 🙂


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