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Spring has sprung – I love this season.


We are renovating our house and the days go by really fast.

As we are doing everthing ourselves, it takes time.

Yet it is fun and very rewarding.

Now with Spring our daily garden tour is a delight.

So many flowers ….

Isn’t that beautifully colourful.

Our Walnut – found in Germany is also growing beautifully.

The frogs have been busy too. 🙂

And when it was cold we were cosy in front of the wood burner.

is a lovely reminder
how beautiful 
change can be.

I love Spring –

the change makes me happy

What change did you see in your surroundings,

which make you ‘Spring -happy’ ?

Kew Gardens 29th Smile – Orchid Festival


This years the inspiration comes from Cameroon.

Beautiful displays

make this festival wonderful.

Crafted animals from Cameroon say hello.

Many beautiful Orchids were on display.

Hanging, standing, stuck into the animals,

reflecting on the water.

A very colourful display

with such a variety of different orchids

with amazing sweet fragrances.

An orchid in a deep forest
sends out its fragrance
to appreciate it.

All pictures taken by me in Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens 28th Smile – my 1000th post


This post is my 1000th post

Let’s celebrate with

a Kew visit on a cold day

has its beauty.

Frost makes beautiful pictures.

There are also still Autumn coloured leaves

even now in December.

Frost – grasses – colour pictures from the Kew visit

Even in Winter Kew Garden

has so much beauty.

What good is the warmth of Summer
without the cold of Winter
to give it sweetness.

John Steinbeck
All pictures taken by me in Kew Gardens

Picture of the Week #50


This awesomely shaped tree trunk caught my attention

in Kew Gardens

You can see whatever you like in it.

For me it is a graceful dancing lady.

What do you see ?

Food for thought

Let us focus on the good in the world. 
Let the love and light in our hearts touch each and every person we meet. 
Let love be our guide 
and our companion during our journey, 
after all it is the very essence of life. 
Let our love heal.
 Be happy ♥

Kew Gardens 27th Smile


For 10 Years Kew is having

Christmas Kew with all the lights.

Every year is different.

It was beautiful and magical

to walk through the lights

with music and Christmas atmosphere.

The coloured Palm house

Some ICM – Intentional Camera Movement-

Impressions, click on the pictures to enlarge them

On the lake

The Amazing Earth Tones

This was projected on the floor for us to walk over

Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter

All was accompagnied by wonderful Christmas music.

I think as you grow older
your Christmas list gets shorter,
because the things you want
can't be bought with money.

Kew Christmas lights are always worth a visit

there is always Christmas Magic!

All pictures taken by me in Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens 26th Smile


My wonderful Kew is always worth a visit.

We spent time in the Waterlily House first

with its wonderful variety of Lilies and plants.

See the huge Mimosa plant in the back… wow
My favourite Lilies

We watched a dragonfly bathing in the sun.

Photograpy is so interesting

I tried some ICM – Intentional Camera Movement- Pictures of different motives.

The Hive

Designed by UK based artist Wolfgang Buttress, The Hive is a visual tribute to Britain’s honeybees. Originally created for the UK Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo, it now lives in our Gardens at Kew – surrounded by wildflowers to celebrate the environments that real bees need to thrive.

My ICM attempts

Trying out the camera with water drops

More Lilies in the outside water pond

Pumpkins in the kitchen garden

Nature does not hurry, 
yet everything is accomplished.
 Lao Tzu

We loved Kew so much; It was sunset when we left.

All pictures taken by me in Kew Gardens, except the focused Hive picture - from Google.

Hall Place


Recently we found another lovely oasis

called Hall Place.

A dear friend gave me some photograpy tips

and I am rather proud of this picture.

Hall Place is a historic house with 500 year history from 1537

surrounded with a garden.

It has the Queen’s Beasts, enormous heraldic animal topiary

planted in 1953 in celebration of the coronation of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Beautifully cut

It has a Rose Garden

Pollinators were still very busy

We saw beautiful butterflies in the Butterfly House

Please click on the pictures to enlarge them.

The greatest gift of the garden
is the restoration 
of our 5 senses.

Hanna Rion

Picture of the Week #34


It finally rained!

My new Mimosa plant is very sensitive

yet she didn’t close up with the raindrops.

Yes, it is a she I call her Mimi. 🙂

Food for thought

When you stop expecting people to be perfect, 
you can like them for who they are. 

Donald Miller

♥ You are wonderful as you are ♥

Hyde Hall – Take 2


Again I went with my lovely friend to

Hyde Hall Garden as there was a Flowershow.

I totally loved it again. (see last post here)

Now in August, other flowers bloome,d

the sun was shining, a summer breeze in our hair…

What colours…
I love grasses

Some close ups with my Canon Camera

Bees were pollinating.

Plants make people happy !

We had a wonderful day, we were very happy in this garden.

A garden is not a place
but a journey.

I leave you with a sea of Echinaceas

Wishing you a wonderful Summer !