I have a new friend, who is so like me.

Reaching for the sky , spreading joy, being happy.


Enjoying a peaceful time by myself


Having lots of love inside and sharing it with everyone


Be thankful for the beauty



is my new friend and I met him in a little book , my sister gave to me.

He is so sweet I have to share him with you, a big heart and spreading joy into the world.


The book is called “Wellness for the soul”.


Two Austrian people gave life to OUPS, 10 years ago, and he is now one of my favourite characters.

OUPS comes from a different planet, the planet of the heart, which is full of love , kindness, and peace. When he saw earth, a lovely planet, and noticed how unhappy and dissatisfied humans were, he wondered why humans are always arguing and even have wars, he thought to come down to spread love and kindness among all the busy people here. To make others happy is his main purpose. He now wanted to show humans how to live with love and making life easy and happy.

He flew down to earth and took two gifts, love and joy. He knew humans will love it.


I know some people on earth have received it but not all, and we are working on those….

For more information on OUPS

visit his web site. www.oups.com

Many of his books can be bought, some of his books are also in English. Example: sunbeams for our heart

His Facebook

Love him, spread joy and happiness!

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  1. Ute! I love this! I called my library and they do not have the English book or any of Kurt Hortenhubers books so, then I called my local book store with the isbin # 9783900244491 for his book “OUPS-Sunbeams for our heart” but, they told me the book is not here in the states. Whaaaaaa!!!! But, I’m not giving up, I shall to the website you gave us. Thank you for introducing your friend to us!!!!! Sending love and joy your way!!!!!

    • I ordered 6 English books from the website directly from Austria, they are “Wellbeing in heart and soul, Think with your heart,The key to love,
      A pleasure of Body and Spirit,Sunbeams for your heart,Time of unfolding”. They are not the mini books but 17 by 17cm big. They are all in English and are delightful, I bought them as presents but can’t part with them.
      Oups might not have reached the states.
      I would love to send you the sunbeam one, you mentioned above, I have it here. Please me an email with your address, I am more than happy to share my new friend with you!
      It says on hte back –
      The more light each and everyone of us carries in his heart the more our world will be filled with light!

      • I’m so happy to be in your light because it shines brilliant! My friend said he knows how to translate the web page for me to order the book. Thank you for giving me the names of all the English books!! The titles Alone lift my spirit. I will let you know if I still can not get the book. I’m super excited! I shall keep you posted!

  2. Oups are just so adorable! I love the pics Ute. Just beautiful. I wish for everyone to have a lovely friend like that. 😀 Thanks for sharing hon. *big hugs*

  3. How can we make this fellow real. Certainly kids in south Florida could use a little hope. Just released 1/4 of families with children below poverty line. In 33 years teaching in inner city I found there was rarely a child without a close relative involved in criminal justice system and the drive-by shooting is an ever present possibility.

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