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First impressions of Spain


First impressions of Spain

very clean !!!

beautifully white painted houses with well looked after flowers in front. Everyone cleans the streets and houses in the mornings.



So much fruit !!!

  I have seen so many fruit trees, which I have never seen in my life like lemon, orange, walnut trees, also olive trees, quince trees, nispero, which tastes beautiful as jam.


What a beautiful fruit!

Then the wonderful friendly people, all say “ola” straight away and all always smile. My sort of country.

ROFL smiley photo smiley-smile.gif

I do not have expectations usually but there were 3 things I did expect….. of Spain

my beloved palmtrees




and sun!


This was the sunset flying back home out of Malaga, so beautiful!

So here my first impressions,

after sorting some more photos I shall give you a little tour.

I was very privileged to visit Spain and being so warmly welcomed by my host Ralph and everybody there.


Wonderful Life


flower red

Wonderful Life

you give me so much!

I live,

I love,

I get older,

I get wiser,

I make mistakes,

I learn,

I enjoy.

flower lilac

Wonderful life,

you show me kindness,

you show me beauty,

you show me peace.


Wonderful life,

you give me friends,

you give me love,

you give me happiness,

you give me everything I need.


I give thanks to you Life.

I give thanks to God who created me,

my life and everything around me.

Thank you!

flower rose

Summer Impressions


What a beautiful holiday!

We saw towns,

we relaxed,

we ate wonderful food,

we enjoyed the beauty of nature,

and we were together.


Beautiful flowers :

Great food:

other beauty :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

and me…..

Very relaxing me!

Very relaxing me!

Very happy me!

Very happy me!


Speak your truth Award


My blogger friend Michelle from the happyhugger has a beautiful facebook page called “Speak softly“. Members of the group share their posts or we can post anything inspiring, short stories, poetry, photography – anything which is a joy to you and others. The only subject not allowed here is politics.

It is a lovely group and I enjoy being in it, happy to be able to post happy moments.

She made a beautiful award  the “Speak Your Truth Award.”

speak your truth award

The award is for you with only one rule, and that is to join the group and share the posts you wish to share.  Postings can be as often as you like, but also at least one post per month is required.

If you accept this award please feel free to nominate and award it to others and share in the happy and gentle atmosphere in this group.

So anyone who reads this and joins the group can have this beautiful award. Go ahead, it is a great group to join!

Thank you very much Michelle!
More Big Hugs photo smiley-hug.gif

More Awards


More awards have come up and I like to thank lovely Heila for this sweet award.

The Super Sweet Blogging Award.

20th November 2012, 22nd December 2012, 3rd August 2013

20th November 2012, 22nd December 2012, 3rd August 2013

More awards were coming in, so I am a bit naughty and list them here and will not quite follow the correct rules.

From the bunch of awards from wonderful Tazein again, and also a bunch from inspiring Ajaytao

I love to accept the ABC Award , a new one for me!

4th and 13th August 2013

4th and 13th August 2013

From always wonderful Tazein and my beautiful friend Terry also the Best Moment Award:

1st,10th, 28th March and 12th May 2013, 6th and 18th August 2013

1st,10th, 28th March and 12th May 2013, 6th and 18th August 2013

And another award from sweet Nora, from her blog Just nora, the Very Iinspiring Blog Award!

25th November,15th, 31st December 2012,18th, 21st January, 14th February, 21st March, 4th August 2013

25th November,15th, 31st December 2012,18th, 21st January, 14th February, 21st March, 4th August 2013

Thank you so much Heila, Tazein, Ajaytao, Nora and Terry for giving me these awards. I am very grateful really appreciate it and accept them very happily.

I shall nominate some fairly new to me bloggers and hope to make them happy. You can choose any of the above awards or more, if you do awards, and accept them. Enjoy, you all deserve them! 



The beauty along the road

Oh the things we shall see

Light Friday

You are wonderful friends and I send a big thank you to you! … and a hug!

thank you

Thanx photo smiley-signs001.gif

Danny’s Travels



As Danny will soon go on an adventure holiday to Spain, he needed to experience travel before.

He accompanied me to Germany.

In my rented car, he fell asleep, or was it my driving ( on the other side) ?


He loved the river and posed on the wooden bridge,


Danny loved the German yellow postbox.


He enjoyed a bit of sunbathing near the river.


He did not behave well in the shoe shop. He had to try all different sandals on.

Still his cuteness saved him. ♥


At the airport just before taking off, we saw 11 hot air baloons in the sky, what a lovely site.


Danny has experienced being under people,

he has seen that there is so much beauty in nature,

he has seen kindness in everyone,

he has seen how enriching travel is.

All in all Danny enjoyed his short travel and he sure is ready for more adventures.



“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru

“Travel teaches toleration.” – Benjamin Disraeli

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller


Wishing you all an adventurous day!

Secret London


I went on a walking Tour through the City of London. The guide was very knowledgeable and told us a lot about history.

He also pointed out places where films like James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, 4 weddings and a funeral etc have been recorded.

It was a fabulous and very interesting walk. I have lived here for more than 25 years but everything I saw and heard was new to me even though I had explored London many times. There are hidden gems we don’t know.

Here are some impressions.


This house is not allowed to be changed (in height) as the tree behind it is famous through a poem from the English Poet William Wordsworth– with the title Poor Susan, apparently one of his worst poems. It is  a lovely tree though!

Poor Susan Poem W. Wordsworth

Poor Susan Poem W. Wordsworth

Because the River Thames – the water supply –  was so dirty and the water could not be drunk, people went to drink Gin and other alcohol. Too many drunk people were hard to control so the city built “water stations” to get clean water.

water for the people and animals

water for the people and animals

Fresh spring water for  people and animals

Fresh spring water for people and animals


We went through the “Shopping Centre” of Middle Ages in the City, which has been destroyed in the great fire. All new buildings stand tall now but the street names remained.

You could buy Milk in Milk Street, Oats in Oat Lane, Wood in Wood Street, Bread in Bread Street, what could you buy in Love Lane, I wonder???


We walked through Postmans Park and saw a Memorial Wall for heroes who saved people but lost their own lives doing so. Here are some examples:


It was such an interesting walk I wanted to share my day with you and show you my beloved London!

If any of you, my friends, visit London/UK, let me know.

I love to show you round, there are lovely coffee shops too! 🙂

Jumping around smiley photo 096A5D14.gif

Have an awesome day!

Awards and holidays!


I was nominated by wonderful Tazein for another award , the Wonderful Team member Readership Award.

I thank you so much Tazein for thinking of me for this award, I shall add it to my list, and I truly appreciate it!

7th January 2013 and 1st August 2013

7th January 2013 and 1st August 2013


1-Display the award logo on your blog/site.

2-Nominate 14 other bloggers for this award.


Woolly muses

My life Experiences

The sanctuary of my heart

Ich eroeffne dir mein Leben

Simple pleasures

The seeker

Just Nora

applied alliance







All my nominees enjoy the award and have a wonderful day.


On another note,

I will be away for a week, so I might not have time to read your posts for this time,

but no worries I will be back, I can’t live without my cyber friends and hugs.

I shall be having a rest with sunshine, family, good food and relaxation!


Wishing you all a very good and restful week!

Stay safe, be well and keep smiling!

 ♥ Looking forward to seeing you again soon ♥

Sending you much love!

☼ Ute ☼