Pre-loved Handbag


A dear Bloggerfriend Carmen often wears beautiful outfits from her mum.

You can see Carmen’s fashion blog here

For a Wedding I dug out my mum’s vintage handbag,

it is from the 50’s – and has a matching purse inside.

This picture was taken in the hotelroom.

It felt wonderful to ‘wear’ the handbag which was so loved by my mum.

Do you have vintage pre loved items you still use?

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  1. You look beautiful Ute! How special! This vintage handbag is perfect for this dress and the little purse to match is so unique! Thanks so much for linking to my post which features my mother’s vintage two-piece dress. I do have some of her handbags too and use them on occasion.


    • Thanks Carmen, you inspired me and I thought that bag goes perfectly well with this dress. You have so much more from your mum and I love it to see you in it! 🙂

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