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What a surprise


What a wonderful surprise.

My amazing friend François from Sketches in Stillness

sent me a hand drawn card.

Francois remembered I love lady bug so much.

I love it! ❤️❤️❤️

My last post picture 52 is from my favourite calendar from Francois’

Sketches in Stillness in December.

Of course I have the 2023 calendar hanging up already.

Francois certainly gave me my big smile today.

Thank You François! ❤️

If you see someone without
A smile
Give them yours. 

Picture of the Week #52


The last picture of the week this year.

Hope you enjoyed the series

and it kept you inspired.

My last picture is from my favourite calendar from

Sketches in Stillness in December.

Food for thought

Bring love whereever you go.
Shine light wherever it's dark.
Be kind wherever you are.
Leave blessings wherever you've been.
Sending you warm hugs and happy thoughts your way !

Kew Gardens 28th Smile – my 1000th post


This post is my 1000th post

Let’s celebrate with

a Kew visit on a cold day

has its beauty.

Frost makes beautiful pictures.

There are also still Autumn coloured leaves

even now in December.

Frost – grasses – colour pictures from the Kew visit

Even in Winter Kew Garden

has so much beauty.

What good is the warmth of Summer
without the cold of Winter
to give it sweetness.

John Steinbeck
All pictures taken by me in Kew Gardens

Picture of the Week #50


This awesomely shaped tree trunk caught my attention

in Kew Gardens

You can see whatever you like in it.

For me it is a graceful dancing lady.

What do you see ?

Food for thought

Let us focus on the good in the world. 
Let the love and light in our hearts touch each and every person we meet. 
Let love be our guide 
and our companion during our journey, 
after all it is the very essence of life. 
Let our love heal.
 Be happy ♥

Kew Gardens 27th Smile


For 10 Years Kew is having

Christmas Kew with all the lights.

Every year is different.

It was beautiful and magical

to walk through the lights

with music and Christmas atmosphere.

The coloured Palm house

Some ICM – Intentional Camera Movement-

Impressions, click on the pictures to enlarge them

On the lake

The Amazing Earth Tones

This was projected on the floor for us to walk over

Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter

All was accompagnied by wonderful Christmas music.

I think as you grow older
your Christmas list gets shorter,
because the things you want
can't be bought with money.

Kew Christmas lights are always worth a visit

there is always Christmas Magic!

All pictures taken by me in Kew Gardens

Picture of the Week #49


Christmas is approaching fast.

My Angel Orchestra is ready.

Food for thought

The way to happiness: 
Keep your heart free from hate, 
your mind from worry. 
Live simply, 
expect little, 
give much. 
Scatter sunshine, 
forget self, 
think of others. 
Try this for a week and you will be surprised.

Norman Vincent Peale
 Be happy ♥

Picture of the Week #47


As Winter and Christmas is coming, it is getting colder.

My Christmas cactus seems to know it too.

I brought it in as it has buds again this year.

Food for thought

Cold tea and cold rice is bearable, 
but cold looks and cold words are not. 

One kind word can warm three winter months.

Japanese Proverb
 Stay warm ♥