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BE YOU – a Poem


Be like water, keep flowing along,
Be like the wind, blowing soft or strong,
Be like the earth - nurturing, healing,
Be like the sky - open, revealing,
Be like the fire burning bright,
Be like the sun, bringing warmth and light.
Above all, be YOU

This beautiful poem

was written

by my

friend Birgit.

You can find Birgit’s

website here

and Facebook here

I love that poem and got permission to share it here.

Picture of the Week #30


My heart in the garden

…in the Bamboo pot!

Food for thought

Everyone has inside of her a piece of good news. 
The good news is that you don’t know 
how great you can be! 
How much you can love! 
What you can accomplish! 
And what your potential is!

Anne Frank.

♥ Remember, you are amazing! ♥

Update: for some reason, when I publish a post on my phone it does not publish on the right date. This post I actually published on 28th July , yet it says 21st July. I’m a bit confused. It seems to go right on my Chromebook. Never trust the phone 🙂

Picture of the Week #29


It is really hot in the UK today,

it feels like Spain, who needs to go on holiday 🙂

Even the sky seems to be on fire – taken at sunset yesterday

Food for thought

Remember to spend quality time with yourself 
so that you can experience being, 
instead of doing 
where you can feel relaxed, 
instead of rushed 
where you take time out to get in touch with yourself 
and fall in love with life again.

~ ♥ Dr Jeff Mullan ♥ ~

♥ Keep cool and relax ♥

Picture of the Week #28


My Hosta blooms. 🙂 Isn’t it lovely ?

I bought it in Hyde Hall!

See my last post about Hyde Hall.

Food for thought

May you always have
the sun on your face
And a dry path to walk.
May the stars fill your eyes
And the moon light
The way to your door.
May you know
Peace in your dreams
And love in your heart.

Hyde Hall


A wonderful friend invited me to

Hyde Hall Garden

It has themed gardens like

Cottage Garden, Modern Country Garden,

Dry Garden, Rose Garden and more.

Country Garden

Now in June/July everything is blooming,

such a joy to walk through gardens.

We had a wonderful time and took many photos.

Please sit with me on the bench and enjoy the beauty!

Rest awhile,
take in the beauty that surrounds you.
A beautiful garden
is a haven of happiness.

Please click on the pictures to enlarge them.

He who plants a garden
plants happiness.
Richard Cell

Are you enjoying a garden in July?

Picture of the Week #27


We are doing our kitchen new, from scratch.

We are still on the destroying part. 🙂 That is fun!

So we found 5 different wallpapers on different walls.

It must have been redecorated many times before.

Food for thought

If you have nothing 
except strong faith and a positive attitude,
you have much more than someone
who has everything
except strong faith and a positive attitude.
You can be happy with nothing,
whereas they can't be happy with anything.

What fun things have you done today?