Kitchen Capers and my Primula


Liz from Leaping life blog inspired me with her Kitchen Capers.

Liz made her own loaf of bread.

I was itching to make my own bread too.

Looking up James Morton on you tube

I found an easy recipe – a mug bread.



The result was fantastic,

and half the bread was gone within minutes.

Thank you Liz for your yummy post,

I will certainly do it for next weekend again

as we were all so impressed.


My Primula was very busy making more flowers.

Look at the difference from my last post here.


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  1. Woo hoo! Your first loaf looks amazing – so professional – and I can well imagine how delicious it tasted. Your primula obviously approves!! Xxx

    • Yes Liz, I am so happy, I wanted to do it for a long time and reading it on your blog gave me the final nudge. My son loved it so much and asked when is the next….Well I will bake for the weekends. Yay
      Yes my primula is so happy too.

  2. That bread looks so tasty!
    Home-made bread is soooo much better than store-bought one. Though I’ve never tried to make it myself, my mum makes the best bread so I let her do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Your loaf looks as good as James Morton’s. His recipe looks easy to make. We have a bread maker that my son uses for making homemade bread. It’s so easy and so good! I’ll keep this mug bread video in my files for future use. Perhaps a project to do with my granddaughter.

    Did you throw a mug of water into the oven? I was surprised you can do that.


    • It is so easy, I did another one this weekend and I will make more,…. on the weekends. I don’t eat much bread during the week. My son loves it too. Yes I did pour water on the bottom tray when baking the loaf, it works well. The crust is perfect. ( I didn’t know that either)

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