Kew Gardens 6th Smile – Orchid Festival


‘He has made everything beautiful in it’s time.’

Ecclesiastes 3,11


and to bring the beauty from all over the world,

Kew Gardens is celebrating the Orchid Festival until March 10th.

It really is a festival of colours, sounds and beauty.

This year there are Orchids

from the world’s most biodiverse county: Colombia.

Breathtaking displays of orchids,

a sweet smell,

accompanied with Colombian music,

even the cacti have hats on….


Let me take you through with this donkey:


Animals made include a toucan,  a swimming turtle…..

A sloth


and a life sized Jaguar


There are 1000’s species of orchids,

different colours, different sizes.

Enjoy the show:



Please click on the individual photo to enlarge.

All photos taken by me at Kew Gardens.



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  1. What a delight to read your blog today! A beautiful blend of God’s creation and people’s artistic imagination. Your photos bring a smile to my heart! Especially on this cold and dreary February day. I have hope that spring will return as my father said, “Es geht alles vorüber, es geht alles vorbei, nach jedem Winter, folgt wieder ein Mai.”

    “To everything there is a season.” ~Ecclesiastes 3:1

    Thanks so much for taking us with you to Kew Gardens!


    • I do love Ecclesiates, yes I was there yesterday and it was really breathtaking! Many people also volunteers worked very hard to create this, I read. A wonderful result! Thank you for enjoying it so much Carmen! ♥

      • I can see why people want to volunteer there: it’s a lot of work, but so beautiful, a gardener’s paradise! I can imagine the fragrance and the music must make it a sensuous experience. 🙂

      • Absolutely… nearly danced some salsa steps there…. hehe. Yes I would have loved to volunteer, Probably once I am not working anymore I will look for things like that. 🙂

    • The sloth is one of my favourites too! Beautifully done and apparently when they hung it up , he dropped and fell into the water and needed rescuing. But he survived well to be secured better.

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