My next adventure





sight seeing,


good food,







and Danny…….is ready!



Spain here we come!



See you soon!

Love you all!

Coooool smiley photo smiley-mib.gif

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  1. ohhhh dein süßßer TEDDY ist schon wieder hier…HERRlich…..grüße ihn mal lieb von mir….schönen TAG wünsche ich dir **MANY HUGS**HERZlichst ANDREA:))

      • Ute, you bring me such a relief! A mom can’t watch over her bear constantly! It takes a world rather than a village. I love the pictures that Ralph sent me. I’m glad you are all having fun. I look forward to lots of emails from everyone! 🙂 Have fun! 🙂

  2. Oh – I’m so excited it feels like I’m going too!
    Have fun & give Ralph & Manny a big ol’ hug from me. And- everyone else you see – LOL
    Happy & safe travels to you & Danny 🙂 🙂

  3. So excited for you and Danny!!! Please give Ralph a huge hug from me and tell him he owes me a walk, tea and a chocolate éclair 😉 Kidding….be safe and have a blast!!!! Hugs! ~

  4. i visited spain while i was serving in the army. we had such a great time, the beaches were amazing and every where we went the sangria was flowing and the people were so kind. have a wonderful time and i look forward to hearing all about it.

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