Wonderful Life


flower red

Wonderful Life

you give me so much!

I live,

I love,

I get older,

I get wiser,

I make mistakes,

I learn,

I enjoy.

flower lilac

Wonderful life,

you show me kindness,

you show me beauty,

you show me peace.


Wonderful life,

you give me friends,

you give me love,

you give me happiness,

you give me everything I need.


I give thanks to you Life.

I give thanks to God who created me,

my life and everything around me.

Thank you!

flower rose

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    • I shall check Ralph…… to do: sleep a lot. I kept the tradition and had a siesta this afternoon and still I am very tired so early bedtime for me tonight. I keep looking at the pictures and my mind goes to all these wonderful things I have seen! Hugs for you Ralph!

    • Harold, so happy you can keep your beautiful smile while reading this. You know it suits you very well! I need to keep this up, as I like you to stay like that! 🙂 Sincerely yours Miss Positive

    • RoSy I agree, the last one is my favourite too, and it is my own photograph, (very proud) It was taken on a very tiny Island called “Rosen Insel” – Rose Island, where there is a beautiful Rose garden. You would have liked it even though there were no frogs….. 🙂

    • Thank you and lovely to see you. Yes, there is so much to be grateful for. So much beauty in this world and we should look with open eyes. Enjoy your day Ute 🙂

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