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Speak your truth Award


My blogger friend Michelle from the happyhugger has a beautiful facebook page called “Speak softly“. Members of the group share their posts or we can post anything inspiring, short stories, poetry, photography – anything which is a joy to you and others. The only subject not allowed here is politics.

It is a lovely group and I enjoy being in it, happy to be able to post happy moments.

She made a beautiful award  the “Speak Your Truth Award.”

speak your truth award

The award is for you with only one rule, and that is to join the group and share the posts you wish to share.  Postings can be as often as you like, but also at least one post per month is required.

If you accept this award please feel free to nominate and award it to others and share in the happy and gentle atmosphere in this group.

So anyone who reads this and joins the group can have this beautiful award. Go ahead, it is a great group to join!

Thank you very much Michelle!
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