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Secret London


I went on a walking Tour through the City of London. The guide was very knowledgeable and told us a lot about history.

He also pointed out places where films like James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, 4 weddings and a funeral etc have been recorded.

It was a fabulous and very interesting walk. I have lived here for more than 25 years but everything I saw and heard was new to me even though I had explored London many times. There are hidden gems we don’t know.

Here are some impressions.


This house is not allowed to be changed (in height) as the tree behind it is famous through a poem from the English Poet William Wordsworth– with the title Poor Susan, apparently one of his worst poems. It is  a lovely tree though!

Poor Susan Poem W. Wordsworth

Poor Susan Poem W. Wordsworth

Because the River Thames – the water supply –  was so dirty and the water could not be drunk, people went to drink Gin and other alcohol. Too many drunk people were hard to control so the city built “water stations” to get clean water.

water for the people and animals

water for the people and animals

Fresh spring water for  people and animals

Fresh spring water for people and animals


We went through the “Shopping Centre” of Middle Ages in the City, which has been destroyed in the great fire. All new buildings stand tall now but the street names remained.

You could buy Milk in Milk Street, Oats in Oat Lane, Wood in Wood Street, Bread in Bread Street, what could you buy in Love Lane, I wonder???


We walked through Postmans Park and saw a Memorial Wall for heroes who saved people but lost their own lives doing so. Here are some examples:


It was such an interesting walk I wanted to share my day with you and show you my beloved London!

If any of you, my friends, visit London/UK, let me know.

I love to show you round, there are lovely coffee shops too! 🙂

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Have an awesome day!