Award time again, woohoo


Dear Friends, you are wonderful and make me feel really special. But it is YOU who are very special to me. I am very touched that Alastair nominated me for the Sensual Blogging Award. I thank him with all my heart.

I have received quite some awards lately and I do love them as it means that you like my blog and it touches you what I write. A wonderful feeling, knowing that I am liked!

This is what you give to me and I thank you all!

“As we need food, so do we need emotional nourishment: love, kindness, appreciation & support from others.”~J Donald Walters

So I will happily accept and add this sensual award to my list, thanks to Alastair. Of course there are the rules again:

When nominated for the Sensual Blogging Award the blogger must:

  • Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.
  • Answer 7 sensual questions
  •  Select some nominees and notify them on their blogs.
  • Copy and paste the award on your blog.

ok, I have to answer 7 sensual questions:

1. most romantic memory: was really my first real kiss, as we sat on a stonewall, looking down at the river, starry sky above us, city light reflecting in the river….and kissing. It was incredibly romantic.

2. Most sensual music: See below

3. Most sensual season – Spring, new life is coming everywhere

4.Favourite flower – Sweet Williams

5. Favourite fruit – Apricot

6. Best gift received – Love

7. Love is – two hearts beating as one; Love is all we have, we cannot live without love.

As I don’t follow many sensual blogs I nominate blogs that touched me:

1. The Joy project

2. The curse of a single parent

3. A journey to happiness

4.The Cathie Barash Blog

5. A place called Love

I hope you get inspired by this nomination and keep your sensuality and creativity going!

My sensual music choice:  Two steps from Hell – Magic of Love , so beautiful music!


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  2. What a wonderful surprise to be included in this lovely honor. To know my blog has touched you is such a fantastic feeling. Congrats to you on the award and all your successes. Best, Alison

    • Thank you so much Anto, you know I will attempt a Butternutsqash soup tonight, you really make me want to try more in the kitchen, I am so happy to have found you. I get so much inspiration from you. Love Ute x

  3. Thank you for nominating me for an award. I feel very blessed to have recieved it and humbled also. What a lovely thing for you to do. I am still getting hang of blogging and feeling comfortable doing it. Thanks so much for the encouragement by nominating me.

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