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SKYWORLD – Two Steps from Hell


My favourite group Two Steps from Hell has just released a new album and it is for us , for the public. 🙂

Skyworld has 22 tracks, 11 composed by Thomas Bergersen , 11 by Nick Phoenix.


I have just listened on youtube but will buy it on  Amazon when it comes out on the 8th November.

Track number 19, composed by Thomas Bergersen called “Blizzard” and is actually a beautiful song.

This is for my friend Maggie, who is braving Hurricane Sandy in Virginia. She is well prepared with lots of water, food and new books. The last entries on her facebook were:

“Really nasty outside right now…….the storm isn’t even here yet, joy! Wind really gearing up and very wet, Sandy is not nice……”

“Just looked outside in the back and we seem to have a new swimming pool…….nice!”

At least she keeps her spirit up, she did say all you can do is be prepared and sit it out! Be safe Maggie!

Anyone affected or staying in the path of Hurricane Sandy. Be Safe ♥

A HUG – The perfect Gift


Have you had a hug today?

I came across 10 reasons to give more hugs –  I don’t need any reason to hug but this is “scientific”……

1. Hugging induces oxytocin in the body.

2. Hugging builds stronger bonds with people you see every day.

3. Hugging lowers stress.

4. Hugging lowers blood pressure.

5. Hugging is a reciprocal good deed.

6. Hugging feels incredible.

7. Hugging can turn a bad mood upside down.

8. Hugging reconnects the mind with the body.

9. Hugging more makes us better huggers.

10. Hugging cultivates patience.

How many hugs do we need?

4 hugs a day for survival

8 hugs a day for maintenance

12 hugs a day for growth

I am going to have some hugs now………

Wishing you all a wonderful day with lots of hugs and love!

Big cyber hug for you all!


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The Big Bang


The big bang or Neighbours getting together should be the title really; here is the story.

Gas contractors needed to replace gas pipes to every house in our street and had to dig up the front path to our door. It was in Summer in the holidays.

All seems to go ok until suddenly everything stopped, no electricity.

I looked outside and the workers told me that they let the apprentice cut a cable, he got the wrong one and cut my electicity cable. What voltage, but he was ok, just shaken  up.

Was it the red or the blue wire?????? Do you remember the sequence in the film “Lethal weapon” ???

Back to my home…..

Funny enough all neighbours suddenly came out and we had a chat and a moan about letting apprentices do the dangerous work. It was almost like a street party, some other neighbours also lost electricity so the ones who still had it brought out tea and biscuits and we had a lovely time chatting and getting to know our neighbours better. We also had to decide which takeaway to use for dinner that evening as our cookers did not work.

In the end we ate with candle light, how romantic. What wonders pure necessities can bring.

We were back to basics, playing card and board games together, no TV, no computer, no nothing. I rather enjoyed that time.

Sometimes things need to happen to bring people together and appreciate each other and the simple things in life.

Ligo Circle of Appreciation


Wow, I had this wonderful message and saw the great blog of Ralph, yesterday and guess what …my name was in it.

Firstly a BIG thank you Ralph, my friend,  I am honoured , I am speechless, I am happy and I am in blog heaven! He wrote lovely and kind things about me and Ralph thank you it is a great pleasure to accept this honour to join the Līgo Circle of Appreciation  . I met Ralph , through the blog and we got to know each other through great conversations and I am grateful to count him as my friend!

Here is how the  Līgo Circle of Appreciation works:

For a duration of 22+ days, beginning October 1, 2012, 2 bloggers per day will be invited to join the circle.  Again a reminder that this is an appreciation, not an award. I know it is out of time but it seems to go on still so here we are:

To participate in the Līgo Circle of Appreciation, you must:

  •  Complete this sentence about blogging: ”A great blog is…
  •  Refer back to the blogger who invited you.
  •  Invite 2 bloggers to join the Līgo Circle of Appreciation on a post.

A great blog is to me to blog which gives me inspiration, makes me smile and makes me happy. Although I like to learn sometimes from it, get new ideas andI like it to make me think. It is for me wonderful to read what people think about worldaffairs and their own world – Everything mixed with kindness. For me a great blog brings people together and talking

The first blogger I have the honour to ask is  Lauren to join the Līgo Circle of Appreciation. Lauren was one of my first blogs I found when I was new to blogging and started to follow because I was impressed by her writing and intense messages in her stories. She inspired me every time I read one of her posts.  She has so much wisdom through her psychological background and tells her story in a kind, simple but very emotional and true way. I hope Lauren you will accept to join this Līgo Circle of Appreciation.

The second blogger I’d like to ask is Mani of FreeBirD, he says “My blogs are all about life, travel and experiences – sometimes, you may stumble upon them and if you have any questions, words or feelings – please express them. My views are simple and I want you to share yours too. ” I like and appreciate his blog. He is sharing his knowledge of his extensive travels, lined with his own fantastic photography. He also shares his honest feelings about life and what it brings us. So I will ask Mani to accept and enjoy the Līgo Circle of Appreciation.


My Music


A little taster of my music – trailer music.

It is from my favourite composer Thomas Bergersen, from Two Steps from Hell.

This is called “Undying Love” and is from the album “Legend”  from 2008 which was not for public release but for trailermusic houses. You can still find it on youtube.

It is a very romantic track  like a love poem, beautiful for your ears and soul.

Enjoy it!

Amazing Shopping Experience


I was never very keen on grocery shopping; it has to be done so I do it but not really enjoying it.



Then I stumbled across a chapter in the book called “Life is huge” from Susan Jeffers and it changed my supermarket shopping experience totally. I actually enjoy it now, I am happy to do it and I am grateful that I can do it.


This concept made me feel different walking around in the aisles, looking at the staff differently and I was constantly being grateful and smiling.  I loved my shopping trip. It is amazing how your thoughts can make something simple into a whole new amazing experience. (the first 5 points were already enough for me)



Her concept is called “Looking deeply.”


  • As you walk through the door, stop for a moment and survey the rich array of goodies from which you can choose. There are few countries in the world that have such abundance.
  • Then, as you fill your basket with a dozen eggs, a loaf of bread, salad ingredients, and a whole basket full of  other goodies, look more deeply and notice the huge variety you have to choose from – so many kinds of bread, so many kinds of greens, so many kinds of cereals, so many kinds of desserts. The richness of it all is staggering.
  • Focus on the abundance in your basket, look a little more deeply and focus on the money you have to pay for your purchases. Even if you can’t buy everything you want, you can buy enough to sustain you.
  • Next, look even more deeply as you focus on the farmers who grew the greens that gave you your salad ingredients and raised the chickens that gave you the eggs and grew the grains that gave you the bread and cereal. Focus on the bakers who baked the bread. Focus on the drivers of the trucks, captains of the ships, and pilots of the planes that transported all these riches and made them so available for you.
  • Then look even more deeply as you focus on the staff who are there to serve you; some of them have been up since very early in the morning to set up the displays in a way to please you. Focus on the people who took a risk and invested their money to create a market to provide you with such sumptuous fare. Focus on the people who built the building that is home to the market.
  • Then look even more deeply and focus on those who created the roads that allowed you to drive your car to this place of wonder….and those who manufactured the car that gives you so much mobility.
  • Then look as deeply as you possibly can and focus on the ultimate Source of it all…God, the Force, the Universal Light …. whatever it is for you, that created the air, sun, the water, the earth, that makes all growth possible. One can’t deny the miraculous rhythm and flow of it all.

Give it a try and you will enjoy shopping a lot more. Appreciate everything more and be grateful of all the choices you have and that you can go shopping.

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Burnt Dinners – Cooking Tips – not to be followed


So many food progammes…..

How to make a healthy soup….

How to make an exotic  summer salad….


I searched myself if I have a special gift to share with you:

Well I am not a good cook, but I am good at burning dinner, actually my children think I am an expert. I have burnt a pan with just water in it, I have burnt a radio, which stood on the cooker, and I switched the ring on……burnt plastic, hmmmmm  (I know that was wrong, never have your radio on the cooker)

So how do you burn your dinner?


5 tips on how to burn your cooking properly.


1. Don’t put enough water with the vegetable you are boiling in your pan. The less water the faster it burns.

2. While cooking, walk out of the kitchen draft a new blog. Time flies while yo are having fun and soon enough you smell the burnt potatoes and it will be too late by the time you get back to the kitchen.

3. While cooking, make a phonecall to a dear friend, you soon forget about what is in the oven , the burnt smell will remind you soon enough.

4. Forget to look at the time when you put your fish in the oven, so you don’t know how long it has been in the oven , after  1 hour  it is a beautiful sole, no not Dover Sole but shoe sole.

5. Multitask as much as you can while cooking, feed the cat, water the plants, clean the cutlery drawer, help with the children’s homework and check for updates on Twitter, another wonderful way to smell the burning dinner, you put on earlier.



So if you ignore all these points, you are a great cook and I admire you.

Bon Appetite!


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Let’s be positive together


October is POSITIVE ATTITUDE MONTH, perfect!

I love making quotes into picture quotes, see above, like you find on Facebook etc.

Now that I am an admin on a positive thinking site on facebook, I love it as much as I love blogging. I can make people happy, all around the globe, it feels so good. You know me, it gives me so much happiness and I smile all day.

The owner and founder of the page is amazing Clint Walker, who is passionate about being positive and spreading happiness, as much as I am.

He says:

“The team at Lets Be Positive Together would like to offer you a massive hug and kiss on behalf of us. Please feel totally confident to share your thoughts and opinions on our posts. We love to see you getting involved with us and being an active part of the page.

Feel passionate, feel motivated and Feel positive. Above all else remain positive. We like so many other people hold a positive state of mind in seriously high regard.”

Posting one or two selfmade quotes every morning is a pleasure, hoping it inspires others and  making their day happy.

The site  is called Letsbepositivetogether, have a look in if you like, clicking on the link.

Hope you have a wonderful and happy day!

Ute xx

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