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Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!


Thank you all my dear friends!

I did not intend to write another post on the last day of the year, in some of the countries it is already the new year I expect.

I do want to thank you all again so much from my heart

for following my blog

for reading my blog

for liking my posts

for commenting on the posts

for your kind and encouraging words

for being my cyber friends

I did receive the yearly statistics from WordPress and I am impressed. For only 6 month blogging I have had 14000 views and apparently I have uploaded 430 pictures on 129 posts. I have had 130 countires visiting all over the world…..

I have received many awards from fellow bloggers which can be seen on my page “I am honoured” since October this year and  I cannot express how much that means to me.

It has done heaps for my confidence, my writing skills and my computer skills. When I started this blog I wanted it to be my own adventure, without asking my children how do do things on the computer; I have figured out how to link, use paint for my pictures, publish, edit, googled and never had to ask once for help. I am proud to have done this on my own.

It has enriched my life, changed my thinking and added more happiness.

It has broadend my horizon as I follow and read the most awesome posts about anything and everthing. There are such talented people out there.

You are all amazing!

I feel like a film star, a superstar, walking on the red carpet accepting Awards, getting wonderful comments and receiving lots of love from YOU.

happy face

Last but not least I can add another wonderful award round 3 here:

Fictional Machines has awared me with the “Very inspiring blogger Award”

and I so much appreciate it as I was thought of in this way.

A very big thank you to J. E. Lattimer who writes great stories.

25th November and 15th December 2012

25th November and 15th December and 31st December 2012

The Rules:

1] Link back to the person who nominated you

2] Post the award image on your page

3] Tell seven random fact about yourself

4] Nominate fifteen other blogs


So here more 7 random facts about myself:

1. I burnt my carrots again last night…… what is new…. still scrubbing the pot today…yes it was black… 🙂

2. I love “Singing in the Rain” the Musical.

3. In our next Tap Performance we will do a Tango.

4. When I grew up , my parents did not have a TV until I was 12 years old.

5. My favourite classical music piece is Beethoven’s 5th Symphony… so powerful.

6. My English teacher said to me that I will never go far with my English. 🙂

7. I love jokes but can never remember them.

My nominations are:

If you do not do Awards, see it as a compliment as I love your blog. Enjoy!

Wishing you all a very happy new Year !

With love from Ute

A Jar or a Journal ???


I read a lot of positive blogs, facebook sites and articles.

Then I came across great ideas which I wanted to share with you.

1st January is a good day to start…..

Idea 1.


Idea 2.

Write a Gratitude Journal

This picture is the one I will use, all ready for January 2013.

I will write down every day , at the end of the day, what good things the day gave me and what I was grateful for on this day.

A wonderful way to celebrate each day, think of the gifts and positive things of each day and I can show my gratitude and be thankful .

gratitude journal

And remember:

“When you expect nothing,

you can receive everything

as a marvelous gift.”

Jonathan Lockwood Huie


Animal Love


Every living being needs affection: a cuddle, a touch, a kiss, a smile, a compliment.

Every one shows love differently.

Animals show their love and affection too – in different ways……

my cat being snuggled up on my lap purring!

I have chosen some cute photos to show this.

Hope you like them too! Enjoy!




Show your love to someone today!

Thank you Precious world for all these pictures.

Sweety Pie


A very big thank you to Terry to nominate me for the

Super Sweet Award.

supersweet award

I got to know Terry a bit more recently and I am very much honoured and moved that she put me in the nominations.

I am very grateful and I love cakes and chocolate.

I have received this award in November before from Michelle, and I will add the second nomination happily.

This is such a wonderful award and makes me feel really sweet so I want to pass it on to more sweet bloggers.

Rules for this award include:

Thank the super sweet blogger who made the nomination,

Nominate a baker’s dozen of other bloggers (below) and answer five questions:

  1. Cookie or cake?  definitely cake
  2. Chocolate or Vanilla? chocolate
  3. What is your favorite sweet treat? I love banana muffins with chocolate chips, (my own homemade ones)
  4. When do you crave sweet things the most? after a week going without it.
  5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?  I’d love to be “muffin” it sounds sweet and cuddly.

These are the sweet people that I’ve nominated:

If you don’t do awards or have it already please just add it or take it as a compliment. Enjoy !

A new Head Teacher


One of my colleagues  and a very good friend is leaving after Christmas to go to a new school to become a Head Teacher. She is a fantastic woman , always cheerful, kind, very professional and she deserves a good farewell party. So we were arranging a special evening for her with presentation, gifts, food and fun. She is a very valued member of staff and will be missed by many as she was very much loved.

This post is dedicated to her.


I will miss you.

I will miss your smile.

I will miss your laugh from the office next door to mine.

I will miss your cheerfulness.

I will miss your helpfulness.

I will miss your emails to me.

I will miss your openess.

I will miss you being a rock for me.

I will miss your big heart.

I will miss your letters for me to type with little confusing stars on it.

I will miss your little notes she send pupils over with.

I will miss you so much.

Luckily you will still be around for a coffee and a hug, and we will continue to be friends.



I know these are penguins, and have nothing to do with head teachers but she loves penguins, so I had to put a picture of these wonderful creatures here.

I have filled a bag and devised with internet help a

Head Teacher Survival Kit

  • Pencil and notebook for brainwaves during the day and everything else you can’t hold in your head!
  • A file for the BIG thoughts.
  • Band aide – for when things get a little rough!
  • Marbles – to replace ones you might lose from time to time.
  • Sponge – to soak up the overflow when your brain is too full.
  • Puzzle piece – to remind you that without you, things wouldn’t be complete.
  • Pipe Cleaner to remind you that flexibility is important for a successful school year.
  • Matches – For those days when you feel you need to light a fire under your students or staff.
  • Battery – to help you going, and going, and going…..
  • Rubber Glove – for when you need a helping hand.
  • Penny – to remind you that you are a priceless part of the school.
  • Whisky and headache tablets – for the really bad days.
  • Eraser – to remind you that everyone makes mistakes. That’s okay; we all learn by our mistakes.
  • Paperclip – to help you hold together when everything seems to fall apart.
  • Gold Chocolate coins – to remind you that you are worth your weight in gold!
  • Relaxing bath – needed for the end of a school day!
  • Snowflakes – When all else fails, pray for a snow day!


I do hope she likes it and we all wish her the very best in her new position.

Good luck, you will be a fabulous Head Teacher!

Give Thanks


Give Thanks with a grateful heart……

My favourite!

I thank the LORD for guiding me and shining his light on my path. He has made me stronger and richer on my way.

With this I want to give thanks to everyone,

who has made my year 2012 a wonderful year.

It had ups and downs, and I am grateful I could cope with everything.


“I can do everything through HIM who gives me strength.”

Philippians 4:13

my favourite verse which gives me strength!


Since I am blogging I have experienced more love, kindness and friendship than ever before.



with all my heart!

Wishing you all a peaceful

and wonderful Christmas !

An official looking letter


A quick update in my wonderful life.

I had 3 letters waiting when I got home from work. I could see that 2 were Christmas cards but

the 3rd one looked very official.

This was inside when I opened it

envelope ola


…and inside that was my voucher for my dance lesson  with James Jordan!

It will be on 6th of January at 3pm



It tells me on the back the conditions, what to wear, what not to wear…no trainers… and other important stuff.

My dream is getting real now,

I can’t keep it to myself, so here we are, I need to share it!

Be Magnificent!


Sometimes we do not get enough compliments.

All you, my blogger friends give me so many and I feel loved and appreciated, thank you so much!

good mornign georgeous.

This is what I think of you my friends!

You are amazing!


You are awesome!


You are special!

today's special

You are appreciated!


You are kind, smart and important to me!

you is smart

Also you need to believe it yourself,

So here is a tip!


iam brilliant

So keep going even if no one says anything to you , you are brilliant and amazing!

Be YOU, wonderful YOU!

Some pictures from 2 wonderful sites:


and thank you for some other sharing facebook sites

Thank you Summer!


I was nominated by Summer for the inspiring Blog award.

I am very grateful and happy that Summer thought of me and give her a BIG THANK YOU !

As I have got it alread I will add her name to it and I will still follow the rules!

The rules are

To thank and link the blogger that has nominated you.

Then post the award logo to your blog.

Write a post on the nomination and nominate 15 other very inspiring bloggers.

Notify them and then tell 7 things about yourself.

very inspiring blogger award

Here the 7 things about myself:

1. I do not like nuts or anything nut related. I used to swop nuts for mushrooms with my sister when I was young.

2. My nickname in school was Bugs Bunny as I always a had raw carrots at break time.

3. During a boring Latin lesson, my friend and I played a game of Ludo under hte table….until the teacher said to me : “Ute it is your turn”…. not knowing if I had to translate the next sentence or if he caught us playing…..

4. I enjoy doing the washing up!

5. I have a lot of grey hair but I am not wise.

6. I love playing board games, even though I loose often.

7. I always shared a bedroom with my sister as a child and we had great fun playing wordgames in the dark before going to sleep.

My nominations are for some new blogs I am following:

Congratulations to every one and enjoy the award. If you don’t do awards, don’t worry I do think your blog is inspiring.