In the loft I found 40 year old records of my apprenticeship journals.

I learnt the Hotel Business.

I learnt all aspects like reception, kitchen, serving, bar, clean rooms and running a hotel.

We had to write weekly reports, had them signed by the mentor and by the big boss.

It was fun to read them all again.

Life has changed in this electronic age…..look at that 🙂

This is how credit cards worked in 1982, the machine imprinted the guest’s and Hotel’s name. There were 3 copies , the last one for the guest, the the other 2 for the CC company and the hotel file.

If you had breakfast in my hotel, your table would look like that in 1981

For lunch and dinner you would find the table like that.

A four course dinner looks like this. It was fish for the 1st course.

You can see the ideal wine glass shape. Cheers!

There were no computers back then.

The Hotel journal was written by hand with a carbon paper and added up in the evening.

All reservations were taken by post or telephone and recorded on a chart.

It is funny to think this life without computers.

I really enjoyed my time in the Hotel with wonderful guests and colleagues.

Sweet memories ♥♥♥

Did you enjoy your learning journey way back?

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  1. I agree with Beth, what a wonderful find, such history though many of the principles still apply. I spent summers in the hotel business in Newquay – waitress, chambermaid, assistant in the kitchen – all enormous fun in my late teens. Your drawings are reminiscent of what I had to learn. Happy days! 🙂

    • I did have happy days there, we had fun together but also worked extremely hard, lots of overtime with no pay. Yet we were enthusiastic and loved it. We were in it with our heart. I love remembering it.

  2. How fun. I have kept a ‘list’ of EVERY day of my work journey. Because of confidential information, when I left my previous jobs I had to destroy my years of ‘lists’. And when I retire from this job some day, I will have to do the same. Makes me sad to think of because they would have been great to look through again.

  3. What a beautiful handwriting, Ute, and such accurate drawings.

    It’s good that we have modern technique to support us, these days, yet, it also does not harm to know how to do everything by hand. Also, we just took more time and interactions often were more personal, back then. Wouldn’t it be great if we coud combine this with the advantages of the digital age?

    • Thank you Steffi, I was always very conscientious and extremely accurate. As you say we were in it withour heart. It was not just work, it was part of our life and it was all more personal.
      It would be great to combine old and new!

  4. Liebe Ute, wie toll, dass du deine Schulbücher aufbewahrt hasst.
    Schön ist es noch mal in alte Aufzeichnungen zu schauen.
    Der Beruf Kellner hat ja bestimmt viel Spaß gemacht.
    Wünsche dir einen schönen Nachmittag.
    Liebe Grüße Heike

    • Danke Heike, es war eine Ausbildung als Hotelfachfrau, da war alles dabei vom Kellners bis zum Betten machen. Ich hatte mich hinterher auf die Reception specialisiert. Ich fand das am schoensten, neue Leute zu treffen. Der Beruf hat sehr Spass gemacht.
      Alles Liebe Ute

    • We used to do a lot more in our head then. We didn’t know any different. 🙂 They were fun times though. I do love my excel now thoug with the formulas I put in.
      Nice to remember sometimes the old times. 🙂

  5. Oh my! How times have changed! Everything’s done with computers now. I love your penmanship, just like my cousins from Germany!


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