Help please ?


We have discovered this fireplace as you know.

I have cleaned it up and painted it black. I’m very happy with it as I also found a grill fitting the fireplace, which I also painted black.

It looks lovely with a plant or flowers in front.

My question is:

What colour shall I paint the surrounding?

At the moment it is yellowish; white is too white really I think;

What do you think???? Please put your suggestion in the comments.

I appreciate your help.

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  1. What is the surroundi made of? Is there any way you could attach some William Morris design tiles down the main surround and paint the edges in a co ordinating dark greenish/ blue colour?

    • It is metal, steel, painted. Funny you say William Morris, we just stayed somewhere with his design wallpaper. I love William Morris designs. That is a great suggestion, I shall explore that, it would make it an even great er feature. Appreceiate your input Kate.

    • That I reckon is from the 60’s. It is sweet, but it needs to go as around it is other wallaper on top. It will be our guest room, so I do want to make it cheerful. Thanks Mandy for being here and your comment.

  2. I noticed that I have an urge to see the rest of the room before I can even consider beginning to think of giving such advice/ opinion. In front of my inner eye, I saw a dark blue for some reason – which might have to do with the original state when you found it or with the lovely glimpse of old wallpaper (maybe a light blue to refer to this wallpaper, as I assume you will cover it up). If you leave the red tiles in front like they are, you could also choose a colour that takes up this tone. Otherwise, I would really need to see more of the rest of the room or know, what colours you have in there.

    • It is hard I understand. Thinking of the floor tiles there, I could go with that colour. The room has wallpaper, half white half pink at the moment, but that will go eventually. So everything is still open at the moment. Thanks Steffi!

      • When I looked at the earlier post with the before-after picture, I saw a bit more of the room and noticed the pink wallpaper. Then I thought, picking up the colour of that old blue wallpaper with the floral pattern would actually look cool, too – light blue with flowers, I mean.

      • I meant for the yellowish frame of the fireplace as the pink roses would go well with the rest of the wall. Are you saying you want to re-paint the pink wall, too? In that case – yes, maybe an accent picking up the feel of that old wallpaper would be nice.

  3. Such a hard thing to give an opinion on. I have to get on a plane and just go there and see it in person 😉
    I can’t wait to see what you choose. I have read great ideas on the comments.

    • Ana, yes go on a plane and pop over :-). I know it is hard, I am getting suggestions and it makes me think differently and more again, so I got the help I needed. Once I have decided and done it I will do a final picture of course. It will take time though.

  4. I love how you’ve painted it black and put a plant there. I do think you need to decide on the rest of the room first, but gray comes to mind, being a neutral. I’d love to see the finished look!


    • You know I love grey too and was thinking about that. Teh whole room need decorating, so then I will see. I will do a post on it……eventually, when it is done. We are doing so much, it may be some time. 🙂

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