Is it Winter or Spring?


The weather is so confusing these days.

Just now it was snowing and it felt like -2 degrees

and on my walk I find this pretty thing braving the cold .

Tomorrow it is supposed to be +11 degrees.




The bulbs think it is Spring as they come already.




We take it as it comes and

let the sun shine from our heart!


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  1. Ja, wir müssen es nehmen, wie es kommt. Bei uns fällt 2-3 Tage kräftig Schnee und dann regnet es wieder stark, so dass der ganze Schnee verschwindet. Dann beginnt das Spiel von Neuem.

  2. Very fascinating! Here in Hamburg, autumn was back; misty, foggy, quiet and moist. Our black bird lady friend has stopped by several times for seeds and coconut oil from the food plate. And Mr. Robin as well. Thanks for the pretty, pink (Alpenveilchen?) flower pics! — Steffi and Kim

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I stepped out one day last week and really felt as if spring was in the air – that lightness of air/smell/blue sky. Ridiculous of course in the middle of January, but then there are some snowdrops already emerging…!

  4. We are and have been experiencing the same thing here in the U.S., our is mostly due to the spraying of chemicals in the sky. It is called chem-trails! Drastic weather changes almost every week. THANK YOU for keeping us in the BEAUTY of the Present Moment…

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