More gardens in London


I discovered another lovely green space in London.

A little oasis right in the middle

of the concrete jungle of the Barbican.

There is the second biggest conservatory in London

which is like a mini Kew Gardens with exotic plants,

like cacti, orchids, bamboo etc.

It is home to exotic fish and over 2,000 species of tropical plants.

It is open on Sundays to the public for free.

See for yourself what we found there:


barbican garden (8)

barbican garden (28)

barbican garden (3)

barbican garden (14)



barbican garden (34)


barbican garden (13)

barbican garden (30)

barbican garden (22)

barbican garden (12)barbican garden (18)

barbican garden (10)


barbican garden (11)




A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon in London.






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  1. How wonderful, Ute! I have been to the Barbican many times – and even sang there when I was with the BBC Symphony Chorus – but I did not know about this beautiful oasis. Will have to try to hunt it down sometime… 🙂

      • Being in the Chorus was fantastic! We sang at the Last Night of the Proms, among other things. I don’t sing at the moment following a period of poor health over the last couple of years, but may go back to it one day. 😀

      • Wow Liz, that is amazing. That must have been great being part of that. I do hope you are feeling better these days. 🙂

  2. How lovely to find this refreshing oasis in the middle of London! Your photos are beautiful! Thanks so much for taking us through! It’s great that it’s free on Sundays.

    Happy Sunday!

    ❤ carmen

    • Yes, Carmen I always look for nice Sunday walks too… no waterfalls here but who knows what I find next….. I shall always take you with me on my tours, like I walk and enjoy your beautiful country.
      Thanks my dear friend. ♥

      • I’m so happy how we can take a peek into each other’s lives dear Ute! I do hope to meet you someday! In the meantime we can enjoy sharing our lives as Internet pen pals ❤

        Oh my, I just realized that I thought it was Sunday today because I usually work on Monday but today is Victoria Day and we have a holiday! 🙂

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