With all your heart


Do what you do

with all your heart.


heart 3


I received this heart as a present from my sister, hand made from her region.

Isn’t it lovely,  simple and beautiful.


Follow your brain ,

but take your heart with you.





Sometimes the heart sees

what is invisible to your eyes.

H. Jackson Brown Jr


heart 2

Follow your heart regardless of 

what others tell you to do.

It’s how you feel at the end of the day ,

that matters.





Wishing you all a beautiful day !


28 responses »

  1. We love the prezzie of your sister, Ute. A wooden ❤ but in the best meaning of the word ❤ *Granny does that make any sence? It sounds different than in Dutch." Pawkisses with all my ❤

  2. Beautiful present – I love natural things like this, and how nice that when you look at it you will always be reminded of your sister 🙂

  3. The wooden heart your sister gave you is a real work of “heart”! I love hearts and have a collection: both home decor and jewellery.

    Reminds me of the song by Elvis – Wooden Heart …


    ❤ carmen

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