Advice for a good Blog !?!


good blog

🙂  This is such good advice so I thought I post it on it’s own!  🙂

Please visit off the leash cartoons, they are hilarious specially for doglovers

and my favourite dog Wiley who knows the secret of a good blog!

you can find off the leash cartoons

on tumblr,

on facebook,

on pinterest


Be wonderful,

Be fabulous,

Be amazing

as you always are, my friends!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. My other half posted this cartoon on her FB wall the other day – I commented “I wanna know what happened next” to which she replied “Then I barked my brains out at another dog as usual!”. (We have 2 dogs that do that.) 🙂

    • Hi Stuart, I found this in my spam , sorry, otherwise I would have answered earlier. So you know about dogs then. I am following those doggy cartoons on facebook and I love them. They are great fun! Thanks for visiting and commenting! I did buy your book as kindle edition, it is great ! Ute

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