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A hug a day keeps the negatives away!

Which one is your favourite hug?

I love the tight hug, and you receive it back even tighter….

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  1. I love hugs too. My parents were not a showy set of parents. Rarely did I hear words, I love you. Sometimes I would have done anything possible to get a hug. I think this is why I love hugs today

    • You need them manifold now. I always got lots and I do need lots…..I do give my children many too, even they are a teenager and grown up.And they still need it and enjoy it.
      Big hug to you …. can you feel it?

  2. I’ll take any old sort of hug. I’m starting to realize just how wonderful a hug can be. Lovely, positive post…so glad I didn’t miss it!! Thanks, Ute!!!

    May you be the recipient of many, many awesome hugs!!!

  3. Reblogged this on the dr. says and commented:
    i could use a hug today. so grateful that he is a big hugger. odd that i never was big on hugging (except for children) but now i find them to be so comforting. even the hugs from my friends here are heart warming and i am grateful for each one.

  4. The unexpected hug from my husband when I’ve had a hard day and the sincere heart felt hugs from my children, it relieves all tension! Thanks for sharing this Ute, I love it.

  5. Reblogged this on catnipoflife and commented:
    catnipoflife is all for HUGS! HUGS! HUGS! So, when I visited Ute Smile today I knew her post needed to be reblogged. Here is a HUG, many hugs in fact…now pass on as many as you can!

  6. gadzooks. I have never contemplated listing hugs–and I am one who lists (I lean to the one side, see…:) I have to say: all 4 are my favorite!! They definitely keep “the negatives” away. I love your positive vibe, Ute. It is so sincere and cool. 🙂

    • Oh yes all hugs a ree great and I can even invent more….. I love my hugs and need them every day! Thansk so much for visiting and letting me know you love it! It is greatly appreciated!
      Big hug Ute

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