Dreams DO come true …


As you know from my blog I do have a passion for dancing and music. Dancing makes me happy , relaxed and I can just let go of everything when dancing.


I love the fluidity of the steps, the expression, the softness, the moving with the music. I have learnt ball room dances as a teenager and my passion since grew.  I started to learn tap dance 6 years ago and I love it so much I never miss a lesson. I can proudly say I have passed 4 exams and participated in 2 shows. My heroes are Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. My favourite musical is “Singing in the Rain

At the moment we are practising for another show next year, where we will do a Tango as Tap and Freestyle to the James Bond Music and Lady Gaga music. It is all very exciting.


In the UK we have a programme called “Strictly come dancing” every year starting in September until Christmas where professional dancers teach celebrities (actors, sports persons etc) a new dance every week and on Saturday it is aired live on TV. I am a follower of the programme as you can imagine. I love watching the dancers and wished I could have a dance with one of the professionals.

The other week a couple did a Charleston together which was so fantastic. I adore the Charleston and can do the basic steps and a turn but seeing the couple made me want to learn more.


So I told my fellow blogger and good friend Ralph in one of our conversational emails that I would love to learn the Charelston with James Jordan, one of the profesional dancers on the show. This is my dream and I will save up for it and it would be on my bucket list, rather earlier than later. This is James….


The next day I see an email called SURPRISE,  an early Christmas Present from Ralph:

It said I have a private dance lesson with James Jordan all paid for and I just have to arrange the date.

I cannot believe it. I still have to read it and read it again and again , I printed it out and it still has not sunk in.

Ralph made my dream come true.

How extraordinary, how generous, how kind, how unbelievably selfless to do this. A wonderful act which made me so happy .  He knows that I am struggling with money and I would not have saved this money but rather spend it on the children than me. I know Ralph has a very big heart and  likes giving and helping all different people in any way he can. So this is his treat, my dream and I love recveiving it with a grateful heart.

I will arrange a date with James Jordan for January and will smile and be happy every day in anticipation.

What a wonderful way from a immensely kind person to give this dream to me as a gift!

thank you

I cannot thank him enough, and I will thoroughly enjoy the build up time to it and the actual lesson !

A dream come true and memories made for life!

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  1. This is sooo beautiful and lovely! Ralph, you are a star!

    Utelein, we want to see pics of YOU dancing! With a star or not, who cares, You are already Star in our lives with your lovely and heart-warming blog!

    Sooo much Love,

  2. I wanted to comment Ute, but I didn’t know quite what to say until Elke thanked me in Bluefish Way for giving you such a great gift. I would like to share my reply to her with you as I think it covers everything I feel about you.

    “Hi Elke. Exciting isn’t it !!! Ute is so thrilled and part of the present is the anticipation, the build up to her big day, She deserves a little reward for being so kind to people, not only on her blog but in real life as well. Everyone loves her and as most people, she is finding it difficult to keep on top of the normal expenses of a family. She could never have saved for the dance herself, and her dream would have passed her by. I am enjoying the experience as much as she is. Hugs. Ralph x”

    Have a great day dancing with James, Ute, big hug. Ralph x

  3. Wow! That’s incredible. Wish we all had a Ralph, he sounds like a fantastic person and you truly deserve to enjoy every minute of it, you have worked so hard over the years and your passion can now reach it’s full potential. Dreams can come true, if you just believe.

  4. Happy, happy, joy, joy!
    How wonderful to meet someone else that dear Ralph has been so kind and generous towards!
    My family (except my husband) are figure skaters…this post about dancing just drew me in and made me so happy for you 🙂
    I’m looking forward to following your blog and can’t wait to hear about your lesson!
    Best Wishes 😀

    • Lyann, it is lovely to meet you and you know exactly how I feel. Figure skaters, wow, I love skating and have taught everything myself watching others and trying it out with a lot of falling. It took me ages to learn to skate backwards. Still I can do a little jump from forward skating into backwards and am proud of it.
      I will keep you updated with my dancing!
      In excitement …. Ute x

  5. Wow! Ute! This is GREAT news – what a wonderful surprise! Congratulations! (Did I overdo the exclamation marks? Sorry – I’m just really happy/excited for you! Hogosh I did it again.)

    • Thank you so very much, I have this award and will add you onto it , will do another post on it wiht more facts about me… I am very grateful that you added me and thought of me. Love UTex

  6. First, I sincerely thank you fr liking my posts. Love this post and can feel your happiness….you made your dream comes through…..maybe we are all in the dream…this big dream…so just keep dreaming and dream wild…lots of love..

    • Immy I am impressed with you and I am learning a lot from you. You are amazing and I will follow your journey eagerly. Thank you for your lovely comment and let’s never give up dreaming, dream wild and enjoy it. With love Ute x

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  8. That is so generous and thoughtful! What a wonderful gift. I remember reading a beautiful post about your visit with Ralph. He is a gem. 🙂
    Now to track down the post after your lesson x

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