More book benches in London


While my sister was here, we were looking for more book benches in London and found 4 more.

Here are the pictures for your enjoyment!

They should be all auctioned off  , I wonder where I will see some.

danny (6)

Wisden Cricketers Almanak

danny (3)

Alex Rider – Stormbreaker

danny (5)

Stephen Hawkins/ A brief  History of Time

danny (4)

The wind in the Willows – Kenneth Grahame

I love them all!

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Sun – Thomas Bergersen – Review


My favourite composer “Thomas Bergersen” did it again, he released a stunning new album called “Sun“.

…and I am in love with it…. a masterpiece, an amazing collection of dramatic, epic, and emotional tracks beautifully composed. If you love big orchestras and you are in for a big treat here.  Thomas Bergersen brings love and beauty with his music. He is a musical genius and one of the best composers at this time as he shows again with this new album.

I have to admit that I listened a lot to the 30 seconds you get on Amazon on each track, before it was released officially. Already then I fell in love with some tracks straight away and could hardly wait for the release day!

The album is like a musical journey full of love and excitement.  Every single track a stunning piece of music in its own way. A mix of calm, epicness, musical beauty and full of love. The orchestra is amazing and I can only imagine it was a real joy to perform for this album, singing in the choir and playing in the orchestra.


Exerpt from the website:

Thomas’ follow up album to “Illusions” – “Sun” took him almost 4 years to complete and features his best, most heartfelt, virtuosic and powerful music to date.  It features a giant orchestra ( over 200 musicians contributed) choir, Bulgarian choir, famous world class instrumentalists and a wide range of styles, emotions and colours.  Recorded around the world, with contributing artists form all over the world including Bulgaria, Romania, Norway, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Germany and Italy.  “Sun” is without doubt Thomas Bergersen’s finest work to date , and the natural continiuation of “Illusions”.  The Orchestra, world famous “Capellen Orchestra” was recorded in Czech Republic and conducted by Maestro Petr Pololanik.  Using dynamic overdubbing (shuffling players around between each take) we achieved an absolutely massive string orchestra sound (168 payers in total, with 20 all stars first chair violinists), and a humongous brass ensemble sets the tone if the album.  Tracks such as Final Frontier feature 18 French Horns in unison!

This is what is says on the Two Steps from Hell web site, and I totally agree with it.

Track Listing

  1. Before Time
  2. Creation of Earth
  3. Sun
  4. Cry
  5. Our Destiny
  6. New Life
  7. Final Frontier
  8. Starchild
  9. Colours of Love
  10. Cassandra
  11. Always mine
  12. Dragonland
  13. Fearless
  14. Empire of Angels
  15. Two Hearts
  16. In Paradisum

The album starts off with a short, slow and calm track ‘Before time’  very melodic with a great cello followed by the first real dramatic track ‘Creation of Earth’.  ‘Sun’ already known to us before, it was on the you tube channel featuring Thomas’s girlfriend Cassandra, a romantic track with much orchestral beauty.  ‘Cry’ one of my very favourites is melodic and I so love the full orchestra in this piece, I cannot get enough of it.  ‘Our Destiny’ another dramatic track, amazing piano piece at the beginning, the choir, the fast and furious strings gives it this classical feeling like a  piece of Beethoven, very monumental and then it goes to pure epicness, an amazing piece to combine both types, ending in pure classical delight.  ‘NewLife’ brings a calm, soft, emotional side to life, a musical gem whereas  ‘Final Frontier’ is again an epic track . It features in the Trailer of the film “Interstellar” Sci-Fi Movie.  ‘Starchild’ is epic and fast and I could imagine it being music for a trailer again as you can imagine stories going along wiht it, it let’s your imagination run wild.  ‘Colours of Love’ – the title reminds me of ‘The Magic of Love’ ( from the album Archangel) which is pure musical love. The ‘Colours of love’ is the longest track of the album with 6.29 minutes and again you can feel the love and happiness. It is a very happy and cheerful track which could go on for even longer for me.  ‘Cassandra’ was dedicated to Thomas’s girlfriend, composed and shared some time ago it is a beautiful love song.  With ‘Always mine’ the love story continues, a melodic, happy and loving track, a great one to walk to as it gives you a real swing into your steps.  ‘Dragonland’ and ‘Fearless’ are real epic tracks again great trailer music for me.  ‘Empire of Angels’ starts slowly building up to the bigger orchestra with beautiful violin highlights then ending quietly again. ‘Two hearts’  an emotional track with chimes, a beautiful voice and violins, full of love.  The album ends with ‘In Paradisum’ a slow and calm track with choir (more like his ‘Hymn to life’). For me it could be the background for a meditation session.

Some tracks give you goosebumps, some make you smile,  some make you sing or hum to them, some inspire, they make you happy, they make you feel the love and  they let you gasp because of their musical awesomeness.

They certainly will be on my journeys along with his other albums whilst driving, walking and relaxing.

A musical sensation to be listened to with an open heart and full attention to every instrument playing -

a musical feast.


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Their official you tube channel

Two Steps from Hell Website

Thomas Bergersen Website


The album can be bought here:


My garden in Autumn


I do love my little space I call garden and treated the wood on the wall, as it was a beautifully warm and sunny day.


Even if you have only a little space, it can still be an oasis of peace, calmness and beauty.

I found this lovely white heart in the garden centre and couldn’t resist.

Enjoy what you have and make the most of it!


Here a closeup of the beautiful reptile I got from a very dear friend. She brought it home from Barcelona for me. .


Some of my flowers are still beautiful and blooming!



Daisies always look happy!




 Have a content and grateful day!

The ABC of genuine happiness – X


The ABC of Genuine Happiness


X – Xerox your smiley face

I love smiling….

Put your smile on other people’s faces.

Start your day with a smile!


Give your smile away……

give others a a bit of happiness….


and keep copying it!


… to be continued ….

Wishing you  an xtra special and xenial day!

 As you can imagine it is hard with x….so  special thanks to Al for finding this word!

Xenial – Hospitable, especially to visiting strangers or foreigners; Of the relation between a host and guest; friendly

Award Time


Natanella gave me the Liebster Award on 7.8.14, sorry I am a bit late responding, sorry, it has been too busy.

I am very honoured and happy to receive this award from “onehappyblog”

Thank you soooo much !


7th August 14

7th August 14

So, here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their page(s). 
2. Proudly display the award banner on your page.
3. List eleven facts about yourself.
4. Answer the questions the award-giver asked you and make 11 more for your nominees.
5. List your nominees.

I am a bit naughty and not follow all the rules. I shall answer all the questions though!

1. What superpowers or unhuman abilities would you like to have (if any)? I would like to understand and speak all languages.

2. What country would you like to live in and why? A warm one…. nothing specific but I do like the warmth!

3. If you could help the world in only one way, what would it be and why? (Examples: remove world hunger, provide fresh water to everyone, clean the air, etc.) I would like to spread love to the whole world and show how wonderful it is to be loved.

4. Your most memorable childhood event.  I will never forget when I fell from a haystack and broke my arm as a 5 year old.  As a reward I got a yellow soft toy duck which I still have.

5. What would you like to achieve with your blog and how do you see it at the top of it’s game? I like to spread smiles and happiness! 

6. What skill or talent you think you lack and would like to have? (singing, acting, programming, etc.) I like to be able to type faster without mistakes….. yes I know it is practice :-)

7. What would you say or do if you met an alien? Welcome him/her/it warmly… hugs

8. What is one thing that you’d do in life if you had all the help and resources needed for it? I would love to help everyone who has not enough food and shelter. I like everyone to have a happy life.

9. Write a few words from the lyrics of a song that first comes to your mind. I am terrible, as English is not my mother tongue I cannot remember any English lyrics……only the refrains.

10. Name one fictional character from a movie or a book that you like or associate yourself with and explain why.  I am stuck here…. I haven’t really read about afantastic character which strikes me as great. I am sure once I press publish… I will think of one :-)

11. What would you like to get for your birthday? It could also be something you’ve always wanted when you were a child, but never did :)  A trip to the other side of the world…. New Zealand/ Australia/ America


As nominees I like everyone who likes it and reads my blog to be able to take it from me! All my lovely friends deserve it !


 Thank you so much!

Danny’s German time




At the airport in Stansted waiting for our plane… and here it comes already!

We went to see my mum’s mum in Germany and I could see my friends!

 reutlingen august 14 (2)

This is in the front garden, I loved this long grass!

reutlingen august 14 (3)

I met ‘Brauni’, he is my gran’s teddy and we enjoyed some  wonderful cuddle time together!

reutlingen august 14 (29) reutlingen august 14 (7)

This is “Petzi” my sister’s very old Steiff Teddybear… he must be about 53 years old…. oh yes I can see some grey hair…. hehe. He is lovely and still dressed in my mum’s old baby clothes. He has got plasters on his paws as the straw was falling out, but his heart is a pure loving teddy heart. We did have a great chat and a lovely time together…..and when mum wasn’t watching……. we got up to bit of mischief.

reutlingen august 14 (6)


I climbed all the bushes in the back garden…. lucky I had fur it was quite cold for August.

reutlingen august 14 (36) reutlingen august 14 (35)

This is the town and every time my mum visits they have changed the roads or put up new buildings. This tower is one of the old towers and part of the town wall which went all round the town. Opposite is the brand new Town festival hall. A very big building I thought.


reutlingen august 14 (23) reutlingen august 14 (14)


reutlingen august 14 (34)

At the end I found a picture of my mum being about 21 then… I couldn’t help myself and sneaked it in the post… hope she doesn’t notice!

reutlingen august 14 (44)

This is me on our way home again…. quite exhausted….

Danny’s Holidays Part Drei


Another day we went sailing….. to China… to get some tea.

…..not really….

… we visited an English tea clipper the Cutty Sark from 1869.

I think my mum did already mention it in a blog post before but now we went inside this big Sailing ship.

It was amazing!

bettina (3) bettina (9)

There were Tea chests, many ropes, and I had so much fun exploring the ship!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We could also walk underneath the ship, as it is all newly restored….. that was a view!

ute (20)

Definitely worth a visit!

When you come to London, I can take you there!


While we are talking ships….. my mum wanted to put more pictures from the second day of the festival on…. she did have more fun and more fireworks. She enjoyed it so much !