Glow in the dark puzzle


Being a puzzle fan,

I did get a puzzle as a present.

Puzzles are just so relaxing for me!

A special one which glows in the dark.

I finished it quickly and waited for night time.

… in the dark…

Rather amazing.

Got more puzzles waiting…..


It’s always the small pieces,

which make the big picture.

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  1. That’s a neat puzzle. So often I see puzzles that are town or country scenes and they would be neat to see with the lights or the moon showing up.

  2. Oooo… what a nice puzzle! Love that it is unique. Me and my husband used to do puzzles together. Now with 3 cats and 1 kid, puzzles are impossible to finish.

  3. You need patience and a good eye to do these! My friend Maggie does puzzles which she buys at thrift stores. We went to the thrift shop yesterday afternoon and she bought two puzzles. Yours is very unique in that it glows in the dark. You mean to say that you did this puzzle in one day?? AMAZING!!

    Love what you wrote …

    It’s always the small pieces,
    which makes the big picture.


    • Actually I did not finish it in one day , but I did that one quite fast as I wanted to see it in the dark. 1000 I can’t do in one day 🙂 I only have evening s and weekends to do them really. I like buying puzzles in the second hand shop too, when finished I bring them back. I do love puzzling. Thanks Carmen. ♥

      • That’s what Maggie does too, she takes them back after she’s done. 🙂
        That’s one reason I don’t do puzzles, I would not be able to take them apart after all that work. 😉

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