My plants


My blogger friends post ,made me look for my successes in my indoor plant world.

I used to kill many plants before either water them too much or not enough.

I seem to have learned a bit.  Now I am more successful.

I do love my indoor plants and enjoy seeing them grow.

See how this plant grew since January

and now:

My Plumeria indoors loves the window:

My little fig tree is adding more

and another ficus plant has grown more than 10 cm.

I am overjoyed with my greenery

and enjoy every single leaf.





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  1. I have a few indoor plants and they feel like pets. I love to see them doing well and enjoy their company. How lovely to see your ‘friends’ thriving so beautifully. 😀💚🌿

  2. They all look so beautiful and seem very happy to live at your place!
    The plant in the first picture – we have one like that, too – saved it from ending in the dumpster, and meanwhile it has made a very healthy new plant, as well. So we have one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. Both of them – as well as all of our other plants – are saying a happy, heartfelt “Hi” to yours!

    • Thank you from plant to plant. You give me the idea, I could put one like that in the bathroom. I only got a little succulent in the bathroom. the other one would look great there!

      • If I saw it correctly and it really is the same plant, an offshoot of it should do just fine in the bathroom and the succulent will probably enjoy the company. They need a little light but not much. If you have the exact name of the plant, I recommend to look it up on the internet.

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