Another Performance


It was time again for a new dance performance

Tap and Freestyle.

For Tap we did a Tango – routine to

‘Perhaps, perhaps,  perhaps’



followed by another routine to ‘my future husband’ – Megan Trainer.

I loved every bit.

This was the outfit!



For Freestyle we danced to ‘Shut up and dance’

we wore a lovely red skirt with petticoat, silver belt, white T-shirt and red scarf.


I did love the petticoat, it makes dancing even more fun!

We also did a great routine to Justin Timberlake – I got this feeling:


We had a fantastic time, so did the audience.

Broadway next…… ?????  🙂


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    • We were not allowed to film it. It was filmed and we will get a dvd but that is for private use only. There are children on it too, and with the GDPR we cannot do that anymore. Shame. We had lots of fun. 😊

  1. I love this Ute – you look absolutely fabulous in both outfits and those tracks are brilliant – no wonder you were inspired to perform! 🙂 xxx

  2. Oh my!! You look beautiful Ute!! Both dresses are perfect for dancing! We do dances to these songs too in our classes. Great music for dancing! 💃


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