Guestpost: Danny in Germany


As promised I am showing you more of my hot adventure in Germany.

I met Petzi, my old friend who always welcomes me warmly into the house.

Petzi an I

Petzi and I

On the hottest day we walked around the old town of Reutlingen.

It has still remnants of the town wall in some places….. shame about the blue bins in front….

Germany aug15 (9)Germany aug15 (10)

Guess what I saw?

Reutlingen has the narrowest street in the world and this is in the Guiness Book.

We have not eaten too much and could easily get through. ( 31cm or 1 foot wide)

That was fun.  I could pose on the beam of the old house.

I saw a lovely tiny house from 1758, my mum remembers it as a shop for brooms.

Germany aug15 (19)

They have beautiful wells in the pedestrian zone and on the market place.

The church, ‘Marien Kirche’ is a lovely building too!


Then I met Brauni, my gran’s teddy and we caught up with the teddy news from all over the world.

I loved the garden in front of the house and played a lot in the greenery.


Germany aug15 (55)Germany aug15 (47)

Too soon it was time to go home again, luckily we had the hot sunshine the whole time.

Just when we were in Stuttgart ready to fly back a big thunderstorm came and made us late for take off.

It was rather amazing to see the flashes and black sky and then soon we went up and saw the fluffy clouds which brought us into the cooler Britain.

I had a super time and enjoyed a peaceful time with my mum and gran!


I love flying as I can be free and not strapped into a seat like all the other passengers.

I will soon have another adventure which I will report on later.  It will be so amazing I can’t believe it myself just yet.

So until then it is bye from me and wishing you a wonderful day with joy and happiness.


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  1. Danny, Danke, danke fuer den wunderschoenen Spaziergang durch diese herrliche alte Stadt. I am sure, Ute enjoyed it as well – come back soon with another lovely story. Tschuess fuer heute. Carina (mein Baer heisst ‘yogi’ und ist nun bereits ueber 50! Jahre jung 🙂

    • Carina, I thank you for being here and commenting. I am so happy that you enjoyed it as much as I did. Petzi is my mum’s sister’s teddy and is actually 55 years old. Some grey hair I detect hehe. He is even wearing her baby clothes and her second pair of shoes, as gran says. Please give Yogi my warm regards and a bear to bear hug. Love Danny

  2. Wie schön, du warst also auch in dieser engen Reutlinger Gasse 🙂 Sowie die Hitze etwas nachlässt fahren wir ganz bestimmt auch wieder nach Reutlingen. Dein Petzi hat aber große Schuhe an 🙂

    • Ute, das sind anscheinend die zweiten Schuhe die meine Schwester hatte for 55 Jahren, so sagt meine Mutter. Ich finde sie auch gross, doch mit den Schuhen kann Petzi sogar stehen. 🙂
      Ja Reutlingen wird immer schoener… seit ich wegbin… 🙂

  3. I’d love to visit Germany someday. I’m especially interested in driving romantic road. Maybe even breathing Germany in winter just to experience Christmas in that area.

  4. Wow Danny! You’re quite a traveler aren’t you? Amazing shots of a beautiful place. I love the architecture and style of the houses. Definitely a place where I would like to live. It looks like everyone had lots of fun as well. It’s always wonderful to have a good friend by your side to visit such lovely places. Thanks for sharing. You’re adorable and so are your friend. 😀 ♥

  5. It’s a nice cool day here today. I have the windows open & there’s a nice breeze coming through the house. Ahhhh… 😀
    Thanks for bringing us along on your adventure. Isn’t it amazing how we all fit through that narrow street? LOL

    • It is true, such a funny street though! It is great the town has something like that to tell all visitors. It is fairly new, it wasn’t there when I grew up, well the street was there but no one thought of marketing it that way.

  6. Danny, what a wonderful tour guide you are. I couldn’t possibly fit into such a narrow street. Do you know that in Dunedin, NZ we have the steepest street in the world? Or so the story goes. 😉

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