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Love and Hate challenge


Sewingfeet has nominated me for this Love and Hate challenge.

The Love/ Hate challenge is quite simple really,

you just name 10 things you love and 10 things you hate, then nominate other bloggers.

What I love in no particular order in pictures:



There are many more things I love …. but that would make the post very long!




My hates in pictures:


I can’t think of more, so I leave it at that.


Not everyone likes doing challenges so if you like to do the challenge

just do it and consider yourself nominated.

Just for  fun!

My advise for today:









Come into my garden,

close your eyes,

and join in a short meditation.


Make yourself comfortable,

Listen to the sounds of the garden,

bees buzzing,

birds chirping,

rustling of the trees,

feel the sensation of the warm sunshine on your skin,

feel the small breeze against your cheeks,

breathe in the warm air,

gently breathe out,

feel the peace within you.

Focus on the stillness of the garden,

some background noises far away.

Let your thoughts wander,

empty your mind,

feel the stillness and peace.

Concentrate on your breath – in and out.

Feel gratitude for this peaceful moment you can enjoy.


Slowly start wiggling your toes,

Move your fingers,

open your eyes,

stretch your arms and back,

ready to go back to a relaxed and wonderful day!



Olympic Park Inspiration


As the weather is so nice I am lately only using my bicycle to get around.

Also I do trips to the Olympic park often, as it is so beautiful and relaxing.

Here some pictures from a piece of meadow land

with plants and flowers which were planted to attract many bees and mini beasts.

It is great to hear the flying and buzzing sounds from the meadow.


Flowers are our greatest silent friends.

Flowers are the music of the ground,

from Earth’s lips spoken without sound.

Edwin Curran


On my way home I saw this in front of the local pub!





Easy to know where to go…..





Biggin Hill Airshow!


Biggin Hill Airshow

I had the pleasure to be invited to this Airshow and had an amazing day.

On the ground our 1940’s village will feature vehicles, re-enactors, entertainers and artifacts of the time both military and civil will give those that attend a true insight into the time when the future of Great Britain was in serious doubt, in the air we will see Spitfires and Hurricanes in a choreographed re-enactment of an aerial engagement.



We saw many old planes ( from 1933), the airshow was amazing with the Red Arrows flying in formation, stunts from the Red  Bull plane, stunts from 2 Navy Helicopters, saw the Spitfire, Hurricane and a Messerschmitt flying. We even chatted to the nice German Pilot of the Messerschmitt just after he landed.



We enjoyed vintage tea and listened to 50’s boogie / swing music.

A rally of oldies, vintage  and brand new sports cars ended in the ground. Amazing cars….

We had a smashing day!

Check out the slideshow:

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