Happy 2nd Advent


Finally I managed to get my Christmas tree up…. here it is:

can you see you carefully I draped the cat around the bottom of the tree….

Xmas tree

While decorating the tree I listened to a beautiful song –

Where peaceful waters flow – Chris de Burgh

Where he sings appropriately :

“Only love can find the door …

Only love can reach the shore to heaven”

Love and peace to you all!



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  1. Such a gorgeous, delightfully decorated tree. The cat is priceless, what a beautiful sight.
    Love the song too, going to share it with friends. Thank you.

      • Hi Ute, thanks for telling me. Sorry for the delay in replying, I have been flat out with work, again! I am working in my day job for 6 days in a row and doing a ton of stuff for my self-employment. It’s never ending. I have big plans for next year, so starting to do all of the things I need to for that. I am going to be launching my embraceyourquirky.com website. I now have an email address, Twitter account @embraceyrquirky and a Facebook page. I still need more Likes on my Facebook page to be able to secure the page name. The same for my new Quirky Academy Facebook page, I need more likes.

      • You are amazing Sandra, I truly admire you, you are full of enthusiasm and passion for what you do. And you ARE doing a fantastic job! Do look after yourself though too and relax occasionally!
        Hugs Ute x

  2. Your tree looks lovely Ute! I just set up our tree but I haven’t finished decorating it: only little mini lights and two little bears – so it looks a little “bear” at the moment! Hope to have it decorated by the third Advent, but I need to find the decorations.

    ❤ carmen

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