Happy 2nd Advent


Finally I managed to get my Christmas tree up…. here it is:

can you see you carefully I draped the cat around the bottom of the tree….

Xmas tree

While decorating the tree I listened to a beautiful song –

Where peaceful waters flow – Chris de Burgh

Where he sings appropriately :

“Only love can find the door …

Only love can reach the shore to heaven”

Love and peace to you all!



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  1. Such a gorgeous, delightfully decorated tree. The cat is priceless, what a beautiful sight.
    Love the song too, going to share it with friends. Thank you.

  2. Ein schöner Weihnachtsbaum, liebe Ute. Jetzt fehlt nur noch ein wenig Schnee, dann kann Weihnachten kommen. Der song ist wunderschön.

      • Hi Ute, thanks for telling me. Sorry for the delay in replying, I have been flat out with work, again! I am working in my day job for 6 days in a row and doing a ton of stuff for my self-employment. It’s never ending. I have big plans for next year, so starting to do all of the things I need to for that. I am going to be launching my embraceyourquirky.com website. I now have an email address, Twitter account @embraceyrquirky and a Facebook page. I still need more Likes on my Facebook page to be able to secure the page name. The same for my new Quirky Academy Facebook page, I need more likes.

      • You are amazing Sandra, I truly admire you, you are full of enthusiasm and passion for what you do. And you ARE doing a fantastic job! Do look after yourself though too and relax occasionally!
        Hugs Ute x

  3. Your tree looks lovely Ute! I just set up our tree but I haven’t finished decorating it: only little mini lights and two little bears – so it looks a little “bear” at the moment! Hope to have it decorated by the third Advent, but I need to find the decorations.

    ❤ carmen

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