Hello from me – Danny


Hello wonderful bears and non bear people,

I need to check in, in between my mum’s posts.

I have been traveling again to Germany – just a quick visit.

Having a great time eating good food,



but also helping with chores.

I used all my muscles to recycle old clothes.

I couldn’t reach so I had to be lifted up.

My mum was very grateful for my help.

At the Airport in wonderful sunny weather

I was treated to my own “Strandkorb” – Beach basket

to relax on the visitor’s terrace watching planes.


That was just so cool.

Big hugs from Danny for all my friends.


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    • Hi Fanny and Stanley, no but we do help out occasionally! Travelling is great though. Everyone looks at you and it makes me feel rather important! Enjoy the Summer!

  1. Hello, Danny! Do you have an Instagram account? There are lots of plushies like you in Instagram having their own adventures! I even have one 😉

    • Ah, I didn’t know that. I nor my mum have an Instagram account, I think my mum is just about coping with the other media bits, she has. I, however, might look into it… from a bear point of view. I might meet new friends. Thank you Big bear hugs to you Miss N. ♥

      • You’ll be surprised to know how many bear plushies are in Instagram. One bear plushie I know has more than 10.5K followers!

        Thank you for the big bear hug! Really appreciated 🙂

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