Today is …. #25


…a day for laughter


















Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in the future?
Candidate: I think I will still be using mirrors in the future.



A group at a MENSA (IQ 150+) meeting were having lunch at a local restaurant when one noticed that the salt shaker was filled with pepper and the pepper shaker was filled with salt.

After a lengthy discussion they determined that they could swap the contents to match the correct shakers. All they needed was a straw and an empty saucer.

They called over their waitress (IQ much less than 150) and pointed out their concerns. Without hesitation she switched the lids, said “problem solved”, and walked away from the now shocked and silenced Mensa table.




Have a fun day with lots of laughter!

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  1. The coffee nonsense is so true! I hate it when they do it. Whenever it’s my turn to order at a cafe I falter and just describe what I want in simple words, completely ignoring the names in the menu. The same goes for cup sizes in places like Starbucks, I have no idea why they call them ‘tall’ etc, I always say I want a small one and let them figure out what it’s called in their code 😀

    • I agree, I ordered once a Machiato, not knowing what it is…. and in the end it looked like half a cup. It is almost a science to know what is what. 🙂

  2. LOD!! Laughter truly is the best medicine! You brought a laugh to my day! 😀

    Hope this one gives you a chuckle …

    Two snails are chatting on the sidewalk. “I’ll have to cross the road,” says one.
    “Well, be careful,” says the other one, “there’s a bus coming in an hour.“


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