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Weekly Inspiration No 18 – Welcome the new day


Say yes to this wonderful day,

full of joy and harmony

say yes to yourself,

say yes to the possibilities the day gives you,

let your light shine,

be a gift for you and the people around you.


Say hello to the new day.





Much love

from me!

❤ ❤ ❤



My new lodger


Since I have redone my bedroom with new furniture and pictures, I needed something to complete it.


I have a new lodger in my flat and he is well loved already.

May I introduce



He came to me to work yesterday and I took him home straight away.

Some of you might recognise him, as he is related to Manny from Marsha’s blog. He has the same ancestors.


Of course he had to check his new room out straight away and sat on different furniture.


We are getting to know each other at the moment and I am sure it will develop in a wonderful friendship!


So far we had a lovely day together and enjoyed each others company! He loves blogging too and will give me some advice, and probably do a post by himself one day !

He loves lots of hugs,

always listens,

is very loving,

is very cuddly

never makes  a mess,

and is so cute!

A big Welcome to Danny!