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Ute – Land of the Sun


The name Ute was given to me by my mum, she had a doll called Ute and loved this name.

The meaning: Ute has its origins in the Germanic language and it is used largely in German. It is derived from the word ‘uod’ which means “wealth, fortune”. The male version of this name is Otto, which is one of my grandad’s name. Also it comes up as  a Japanese name, japanese origin meaning “song”

So I am not really sure which one to choose….. but…


Through Google, RoSy and another blog from Sharla I found more about  Ute which I found rather interesting:

Utah was Mexican territory when the first pionees arrived in 1847. It became the 45th state admitted to the union on January 4, 1896. The name Utah is derived from the name of the Ute Tribe. The University of Utah has adopted the Ute as its mascot. The word Ute means “Land of the sun” in their language. Ute possibly derived from the western Apache word “Yudah” meaning “high up”. This had led to the misconception that Ute means people high up or mountain people.

I do love the meaning “Land of the sun” and I shall stick to that one now. My mum told me that I was always a sunshine in her life and always a cheerful and happy child. There we have it… Proof!


So I shall keep the sunshine going,

keep dancing,

keep smiling,

and sending the sunshine from my heart out to everyone else!


Have a beautiful, bright day from the Land of the Sun!

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