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Fun with Squirrels


I love squirrels.

I do have some around my garden too.


Advice from a Squirrel 

Look both ways when you cross the road
Plan ahead
Stay active
Eat plenty of fibre
Spend time in the woods
Go out on a limb
It’s ok to be a little nuts.


found on facebook.


Nature’s Beauty


Nature present itself with such beauty, it is amazing how colourful the world is and how different other countries look. And of course animals and nature.

Here some pictures I picked to show you – as a feast for your eyes.

Thank you to Aurora Borealis Facebook page where the most amazing pictures are being shown.

Water drops

Autumn Tree

A swallowtail just out of its pupa. A new life for a beautiful butterfly.

Autumn in Colorado

and finally the nosy squirrel….a real close up!

Thank you to Aurora Borealis Facebook page.