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Many countries have had lots of snow and really cold arctic temperatures.

I have seen beautiful snow pictures from other bloggers.

Here in London,

we had it cold (as it seemed for us) but not bitter cold

and little snow like a dusting some days.

Here are my only impressions from the Winter.

On my walk to work, I liked these

It is lovely to see the little snow crystalls.




Snow… yay…..gone



Many of other countries and cities have snow regularly in Winter.

London, UK doesn’t.


Yesterday it rained really heavily,

then I couldn’t hear it any more,

looked out


it snowed. 

Snow in London!

How exciting.

A little bit stayed on the car roofs.

The children in school were so excited , some of them had never seen snow before.

One child came to the first aide saying he got a snowflake in his mouth. Bless him.

Well, by the time I wanted to take a picture it was all gone.

I said it was a news FLASH, 🙂

gone in a flash….

… so we just look at the lovely snow pictures again.


Keep warm!


Hello December and The Weekly Smile #48


After a hard days work,

and a cold day,

this made me smile:




a surprise parcel from my sister.

It is full of wonderful goodies for the Advent time!

Thank you to my wonderful sister.




Brighten up the day with a smile for someone.

Show someone,  you care.

give a hug,

a kind word,

a compliment.



And as December comes

so does the snow in Cyber blogging world.

Don’t forget your cyber scarf

and wrap the blog community

in warmth and love!



Sending all  cyber friends

my love and 

cyber hugs!


Add your smile please !

smile 4


This post was brought to you via Trent’s world’s weekly smile






As I can see there is a lot of snow all over the world, so I thought I put some of my snow pictures up for you too!

These are from Germany (South)

Even though it is dangerous to drive when it is icy, the beauty of the snow on the trees and the sparkle in the sunshine is remarkable.

Be like the snow in the sun….. never let anyone dull your sparkle!

quotes 44

Beautiful Simple


I just noticed that it is snowing on my blog…….

seriously , when you go into the wordpress page to the stats or notifications page…..it snows –  slowly.

It is beautiful. It is wonderful. It makes me smile. It makes me happy.

Have you noticed that too?

I am sure it will take some time until I need to move the snow from under my monitor, as it is very gentle snow! 🙂

I find it so sweet, such an inventive idea,  I had to tell you all in a small post!

kindness quotes 7

and gentle snow!

What other things are simple and beautiful for you?

Autumn – Winter Photo Challenge


While I was in Germany, I took some pictures for my own Photo Challenge, called “which season are we in?”

Before I arrived in Germany they had rather heavy snowfall so I captured this on my phone.

Winter and Autumn in one!























And I attach another picture of some typical houses in Germany, these are in the little town where my parents live now.

It is the Market place in Bad Urach/ Germany. This picture was taken in August though and I love those old houses













I am not a professional photographer, still I hope you like the pictures.

Have a wonderful day!