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Beautifully Simple


The new year has started

and I try to make life simple, beautiful and happy.

Often we complicate life and it is not necessary.

Make it simple

enjoy the long hugs

the walks in the fresh air

the sunrise

the flowers along the road

sitting in peace

a chat with a friend

a smile for a stranger

feeling the breeze in your hair.


Have a beautifully simple Day!


Have a simply beautiful Day!


Beautiful Simple


I just noticed that it is snowing on my blog…….

seriously , when you go into the wordpress page to the stats or notifications page…..it snows –  slowly.

It is beautiful. It is wonderful. It makes me smile. It makes me happy.

Have you noticed that too?

I am sure it will take some time until I need to move the snow from under my monitor, as it is very gentle snow! 🙂

I find it so sweet, such an inventive idea,  I had to tell you all in a small post!

kindness quotes 7

and gentle snow!

What other things are simple and beautiful for you?