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Thank you in pyjamas


Finally I have finished answering all questions of the rewards I have received in the last couple of days. My cyberfriends know alot more about me now.  I am ever so grateful and proud to show them on my blog.  Thank you to all readers and cyberfriends out there for making it so successful.

Tomorrow is in the UK “Children in Need” day, when we raise money for children in need.

The official mascot is Pudsey Bear.

Our primary school, where I work is taking part too, so every one has to come to school in their pyjamas, even the staff. I love a bit of fun and have chosen my pink pyjamas.

Additionally I will wear my son’s crocodile slippers. That should look rather funny and I am sure the small children will laugh and have fun. It will feel strange to work in pyjamas. We probably will all be rather sleepy…… ZZZzzzzzz.

I am sure I will have a fun day.

Wishing you a wonderful day with lots of laughter!