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Canary Wharf – London


Canary Wharf is a quite new area in London with tall buildings, banks, businesses and lots of restaurants and coffee shops. I love going there as everything looks new and clean. The area is also called the Docklands as they used to be the busiest docks in London, delivering rawsugar and other foods from far away. There is a lovely museum telling you everything about it. Some of the big houses there were ware houses and are now restored and made into beautiful spacious and expensive flats.

Before Christmas I was invited to a Restaurant in Canary Wharf. As I was too early I walked around in the sunshine and enjoyed the beauty of this area. It is very peaceful, and in summer bustling with people sitting outside eating and enjoying the sunshine near the water.

I took pictures on my phone and as a trial I am putting them into a gallery. (Learning more here) Excuse the quality, I am not a photographer and it cannot be compared with Alastair or Mani. If you like to see really great pictures have a look on the two links of my friends.  I noticed all the pictures taken in the shade went blue, never mind I still share them with you and take any advice on board.

So here we are:

Whenever you visit London this is a wonderful place to hang out and enjoy!

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Autumn – Winter Photo Challenge


While I was in Germany, I took some pictures for my own Photo Challenge, called “which season are we in?”

Before I arrived in Germany they had rather heavy snowfall so I captured this on my phone.

Winter and Autumn in one!























And I attach another picture of some typical houses in Germany, these are in the little town where my parents live now.

It is the Market place in Bad Urach/ Germany. This picture was taken in August though and I love those old houses













I am not a professional photographer, still I hope you like the pictures.

Have a wonderful day!

Small beauty


More beauty of this world

We often forget that nature – even tiny creatures can be as beautiful as sunsets and beaches with palm trees.

So let your eye go over these breathtaking pictures and judge for yourself.

All pictures taken from Aurora Borealis.

Comet Moth


Perfect Beauty


Frozen Moment




Purple flower with dragonfly