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Today’s thought about technology


Technology is amazing but I can see that it is also addictive. With E-mails, Facebook, Twitter, MSN and blogs, most time is spent on the computer…..and I don’t even have a smart phone.

Remembering my youth, no mobile phones, no computers (that shows my age :-)) but we did have a television, yes we did go with the time!  Back then we wrote letters, went to the library to research for homework, read newspapers and proper books and could only phone when we were at home; sometimes typed the homework on a typewriter and cut and pasted pictures from the newspaper, went into town to do the shopping.  How our lives have changed in such a short time. My children do not know a time without computers, mobile phones and online games.









Still I do like the change, I love e-mails, so quick and not walking to the postoffice;  I love MSN for instant conversations – quicker than waiting for a reply by letter; I like facebook to keep up with friends you wouldn’t otherwise hear from and finding long lost friends; love the internet with Google, who knows absolutely everything; and Internet shopping, delivered straight to your door, groceries on rainy days or when ill, perfect solutions. So I keep up with the changes and try to learn new software so my children can be proud of me.









Now I shall switch the computer of and continue to read my book comfortably on the sofa!